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Radio.co red
R 233 G 72 B 72 #E94848
Very dark grey
R 14 G 14 B 14 #0F0F0F
Dark grey
R 46 G 46 B 46 #2E2E2E
Light grey
R 215 G 216 B 209 #D7D8D1
Very light grey
R 237 G 242 B 246 #EDF2F6
R 255 G 211 B 105 #FFD36B
R 157 G 227 B 203 #9DE3CB
R 150 G 203 B 230 #96CAE6
R 171 G 109 B 207 #AB6DCF
Very dark blue
R 20 G 32 B 46 #14202E

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