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Benefits of internet radio for your educational institute.

Real World Experience

Students get valuable experience in running their own radio shows with hands on activities and working as part of a team, qualities they need in the world of work.

Local Community Benefits

Empower the local community by promoting businesses to boost the local economy to help growth, inclusivity, and to give back to the community they live in.

Unite Faculty & Students

Bring students and staff from all different backgrounds and walks of live to unite them with a passion for radio, freedom of creativity, and building something amazing.

Showcase Your Institute

If you've got it, flaunt it! Show off what makes your institute really stand out from the crowd to promote events and attract new students over the airwaves.

Should I Start an Educational Radio Station?

Schools, colleges, and universities are beginning to understand the benefits of having an on campus internet radio station as a means of empowering students, engaging with the local community, and much more.

Discover what you can achieve through the power of radio and how it can benefit your institute.

Benefits for Students

Your voice is unique, you can use it in exciting and innovative ways to get your message across to listeners, communities in your area, and even potential students to showcase benefits.

The key is not to think of a campus radio station as a means of replacing other communication tools, but rather as a medium that compliments them. It can be used to establish a creative hub within your institute allowing students to express themselves and build confidence.

Bring students together and give them a voice to create an identity that can then be promoted to showcase what is achievable at your educational institute. A fully-functioning radio station can help create a deeper connection with the local community creating an appreciation of community issues. This can help students get involved with local businesses and charities and really make an impact outside of university life.

Studying in a new place or with a new group of people can often be a stressful experience for students - Getting them involved in radio can provide a real outlet for creativity and can help break-up the stresses of studying by having a fun outlet to mix with others and build friendships.

The "Big Game"

Picture this: It’s a huge football game against your biggest rivals. How can the fans get closer to the action?

An online radio station allows for live commentary, player interviews, pre and post-match analysis, and generally annoying the opposition, which helps give another dimension and a bit of light hearted fun to your events.

Students also get valuable experience in running projects themselves and working as a team to generate results. These are qualities they can use in the world of work and qualities they will need later in life.

Benefits for Staff

Running a radio station isn't just for students – Faculty members like teachers can also get involved to help run shows, promote events, and wow new students.

Attracting new students can sometimes be big a challenge, but running your own radio station can be a stamp of approval and sell the quality and image of your institute to potential new students - If they hear faculty and students sharing ideas and generally having fun during shows then they're more likely to have a positive image of what to expect and the things the institute gets up to.

Bringing Staff & Students Together

Staff and students can work together to create some interesting radio shows, for instance having a live-caller segment whereby students can call-in and talk directly to a member of staff to ask about the institute, courses on offer, and any fun stories they might have to build a real personal touch with listeners.

Steven Myers from Penn State University (Pennsylvania, USA) said:

“On-campus radio at Penn State University has been a huge success! It has helped integrate both students and staff from all different backgrounds to unite them all in a passion for radio, not to mention it’s been a great outlet for students to express their creativity. We’re more than happy with the service provided by – They’ve always had dedicated staff with real radio expertise to guide us along the way.”

Benefits for The Local Community

You would be surprised that local businesses can actually benefit massively from an online educational radio station – Promoting local businesses can really help boost the local economy and help a community grow and become more inclusive.

Students live and study in areas with local businesses, but it should not be all about what they take out of the community, it should be about what they put back into it. Radio can be an extremely powerful tool that speaks to a wide variety of people so it doesn’t just appeal to a select few, it appeals to everyone.

Case Study: Anderton Tiger

Discover how Anderton Tiger help schools start their own radio stations, from equipment to workshops, and how they use internet radio to further student's education and give them real-world experience.

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10 Reasons to Broadcast with

Where does fit in helping you get your station on-air? Our all-in-one radio solution is already being used by schools, colleges, and universities around the world, but to give you a glimpse at what you can achieve with the platform here are 10 reasons to broadcast with

10. Dedicated Support

Your radio station never stops, so we don’t either! Our support team is made up of professionals that understand how important it is to broadcast smoothly around the clock.

Servers are monitored and maintained to guarantee uptime, but customer support is always on standby and just a message away to help.

9. Complete Customisation

You can create fully-customisable radio players that fit your school, college, or university's brand, then embed them on yours or other people’s website so listeners can tune in to your station directly.

8. Social Media Integration

Automatically list your station on radio directories like TuneIn and share your shows through popular social media channels like Facebook and Twitter with what's #NowPlaying directly to your followers.

7. 24/7 Automation

Keep your radio station online non-stop with full scheduling, giving you peace of mind no matter the time of day.

Schedule all of your stations content in advance so that you don’t have to worry about continuously your shows broadcasting on time.

6. New Features

Technology moves fast, but we’re always ahead of the curve researching and developing new products and services. constantly updates and improve services on a regular basis so that your station will always stay ahead of the game.

Our in-house team rolls out new features every month and improves existing services based on your feedback.

5. Super Simple Solution's software has been designed and developed from the groundup to give you an incredibly easy to use experience. Uploading your music tracks, building weekly playlists, and scheduling your shows requires zero knowledge or training, just a few clicks and you’re on your way!

4. Empower Students & Staff

Grant students and staff different roles on your station to manage files as a music controller, broadcast live as a DJ, and run day to say operations as a station manager.

3. Custom iPhone & Android Apps

Build your own custom radio station apps for iPhone and Android so listeners can tune in on their smartphone or tablet devices.

2. "Out of The Box" Ready provides you with everything you need right from the get go, that way you get everything you need to get up and running with your online college radio station. Think of as an all-in-one package providing you with absolutely everything you need to get started, so you don’t need to mess around with fiddly cables or complex software.

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