Which Class Ncert Books To Read For Ias? (Solution found)


  • History: NCERT Class VI – Our Past – I.
  • History: NCERT Class VII – Our Past – II.
  • History: NCERT Class VIII – Our Past III.
  • History: NCERT Class X – Our Past IV.
  • History: NCERT Class XI – Our Past V.
  • History: NCERT Class XII – Our Past VI.
  • History: NCERT Class XII – Our Past III.
  • History: NCERT Class XII In History, students learn about India and the contemporary world in I. History, students learn about India and the contemporary world in II. History, students learn about themes in world history in NCERT Class XI – Themes in World History.

Which NCERT books to read for UPSC beginners?

NCERT Textbooks for Indian History for the UPSC (IAS) Prelims in 2021.

  • NCERT Class VI – Our Past.
  • NCERT Class VII – Our Past –I.
  • NCERT Class VIII – Our Past II and III.
  • NCERT Class IX – India and the Contemporary World – I.
  • NCERT Class X – India and the Contemporary World – II.
  • NCERT Class XI – Themes in World History.
  • NCERT Class XII – Themes in World History.
  • NCERT Class XII – Themes in

Is class 11 and 12 NCERT enough for UPSC?

NCERT books for class 11 and 12 are not sufficient for achieving a higher rank in the UPSC, and neither are the NCERT books for class 11 and 12. You must completely study all topic NCERT books from classes 6 to 12 in order to pass the examination. The UPSC civil services examination is based on the content of these books.

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Which subject is best for IAS in Class 6?

You may go through the sections – Economics, Political Science, and History should all be fully researched. Preliminary exams need the use of NCERT textbooks. It is essential that you keep up to date on current events in addition to reading through these books.

Can I skip NCERT Upsc?

You can start with any topic first, and then work your way up through the grades 6 to 12 books for that particular subject. However, given the importance of the subject and the simplicity of the syllabus, it is recommended that students begin with Indian Polity NCERT books for UPSC. You can also avoid the procedure of taking notes from NCERT books for the UPSC exam.

Is NCERT book enough for IAS?

Are NCERT books sufficient for IAS preparation? The NCERT books are required reading for the IAS exam. Although subject-specific texts (e.g., Laxmikant’s Indian Polity) and current affairs should be referenced, applicants should also stay up with current events.

Is 6th NCERT important for UPSC?

We have stated on several occasions that NCERT books are the ideal books to use as a starting point for the UPSC Civil Services Exam preparation. If aspirants have the luxury of time, it is usually recommended that they begin with NCERT books from standard 6 and work their way up to standard 12 texts for all relevant subjects.

Which NCERT is best Old or new?

The old NCERTs are densely packed with information. Aside from that, the chronological order of events is better preserved in older NCERTs. When new NCERTs adopt a narrative approach, it can sometimes make things more confusing. As a result, many history students believe that the older NCERTs are more enjoyable to read.

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How can I start my IAS at home?

How can I prepare for the IAS from the comfort of my own home?

  1. First and foremost, learn the UPSC pattern and process. Examine the UPSC syllabus in its entirety. Get a few basic subjects, such as politics, history, geography, and so on, under your belt by reading a few books and watching video lectures online. Read the newspaper on a regular basis.

Where is srushti Deshmukh posted?

Srushti Deshmukh (UPSC 5th Topper in 2018) has been sent to the Narsingpur District of Madhya Pradesh, where she has been since. As SDM Gadarwara in the Narsingpur District, she is now in control of the district’s operations.

Is handwriting important for UPSC?

For the UPSC civil services test, you must practice writing responses, and while doing so, you should focus on developing strong handwriting skills as well as writing speed. It would undoubtedly assist you in achieving good results in the main examination. If you already have legible handwriting, don’t be too concerned about not having ‘beautiful’ writing on the other hand.

Is French revolution important for UPSC?

It is for this reason that the French Revolution was so important in setting the groundwork for modern states founded on liberal democratic principles. It also indirectly contributed to the rise of Socialism and Communism by creating an intellectual and social climate conducive to the development of these ideas, which allowed them to thrive.

How can I download IAS Vision notes?

GS 3 is an abbreviation for General Services 3.

  1. Economics [Not the most recent version] – Click to Download.
  2. Environment – Click to Download.
  3. Vision IAS Disaster Management Notes PDF – Click to Download. [Updated Notes] – To view the latest version, go here. Notes on the Security of the Vision IAS PDF [Updated Notes] – To view the latest version, go here.
  4. Disaster Management Security – To download, please click here. The complete version of GS 3 VAM may be downloaded by clicking here.

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