What Order To Read Pittacus Lore Books?

The following is the order of the readings:

  • I Am Number Four
  • The Power of Six
  • The Rise of Nine
  • The Fall of Five
  • The Revenge of Seven
  • The Fate of Ten
  • United As One
  • Generation One (Lorien Legacies Reborn)
  • I Am Number Four.

In what order should you read the Lorien Legacies?

Novels and novellas are read in the following order:

  • Number Four
  • Six’s Legacy – collected in The Lost Files: The Legacies.
  • The Power Of Six.
  • Nine’s Legacy – collected in The Lost Files: The Legacies.
  • The Fallen Legacies – collected in The Lost Files: The Legacies.
  • The Rise of Nine.
  • Nine’s Legacy – collected in The Lost Files: The Legacies.
  • Nine’s Legacy – collected in The

What is the order of the I Am Number 4 books?

I Am Number Four, The Power of Six, The Rise of Nine, The Fall of Five, The Revenge of Seven, and The Fate of Ten are just a few of the titles in this collection.

Is the Lorien Legacies series finished?

Return to Zero is the third and final novel in the Lorien Legacies Reborn series, and it is set in the world of Lorien. It was made available to the public on June 25th, 2019.

What is the sequel to I Am Four?

It is the second book in the Lorien Legacies book series and is titled “The Power of Six.” It begins after the conclusion of the first book in the series, in which I am number four, and, without giving too much away, you learn the backstory of 7, as well as how some of them re-unite.

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Will there be any more Pittacus Lore Books?

Ashfall Legacy Hardcover will be released on August 17, 2021.

Who does six end up with?

Sam Goode is a character in the film Sam Goode. Six has a romantic interest in Sam, and in The Revenge of Seven, the two become a relationship. Six acknowledges that she has a tremendous affection for Sam, although it appears that her affections for John are stronger in Power of Six.

What happened Pittacus Lore?

Pittacus Lore was the Elders’ de facto leader of the planet Lorien. He was the most powerful Garde of them all, and he was also the leader of the Elders, who followed him. Setrákus Ra used to be his best buddy, and he still is. He is believed to be dead as a result of his wounds sustained on Earth when seeing Malcolm Goode.

What do mogadorians look like?

Mogadorian skin is characterized as being nearly bruise-colored, although trueborn Mogadorians are noted as having ashy white complexion and being more human-like in appearance. Its teeth are tiny and jagged in appearance. Some Soldiers and Scouts wear tattoos on their heads to identify them as members of the military.

How did nine lose his arm?

The Voron dagger and Nine’s arm are both absorbed by Ra as the latter attempts to stab the mass of black sludge covering Ra’s heart with it with the Voron dagger. In the process of inflicting agony on him with her healing heritage, Marina unwittingly learns his vulnerability.

Is Lorien a real planet?

The planet Lorien serves as the Loric people’s homeworld, and they inhabit it. It is one of eighteen planets known to be capable of supporting life, along with Earth and Mogadore, according to current knowledge. In addition to being the source of the Garde’s Legacies as well as the intellect of the Cêpan, the planet itself contains some kind of consciousness.

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Does Marina get with John?

John and Marina are not a good combination. As far as I can tell, PL combined the two stories together because he wanted them to both have a happy conclusion, but he was also weary of writing, so he just made something up in an attempt to leave us on a pleasant note. As I already stated, the conclusion was quite anticlimactic.

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