What Is The Order Of Iris Johansen Books? (TOP 5 Tips)

Iris Johansen has created a series of photographs.

  • An Iris Johansen collection of photographs

In what order should I read Iris Johansen books?

The Iris Johansen Eve Duncan Series is presented in chronological order.

  • The Face of Deception (Eve Duncan #1) is a psychological thriller. The Killing Game (Eve Duncan #2) was released in 1998. The Search (Eve Duncan #3) was released in 1999. Eve Duncan’s fourth novel, Body of Lies, was published in 2000. Dead Aim (Eve Duncan #4.5) was released in 2002. Blind Alley (Eve Duncan #5) was released in 2002. Countdown (Eve Duncan #6) until the year 2004. Stalemate (Eve Duncan #7) in 2005. 2006.

What is Iris Johansen’s first book?

She began writing romance novels in 1984, and her debut novel, Touch the Horizon, was released the following year.

In what book does Eve Duncan have her baby?

Now, in Mind Game (which will be published on Tuesday, October 24 by St. Martin’s Books), Jane (Eve Duncan’s daughter) and Caleb are the main characters. Eve is mentioned in the novel, although she is not the focus of the story this time. It’s another another exciting and intriguing novel that provides solutions to a slew of questions.

Does Eve Duncan have a baby?

Eve Quinn lives on a lake in Georgia with Joe Quinn, whom she has known for a long time. The woman has an adopted daughter, Jane MacGuire, who was saved from the streets by her many years ago and has become a treasured member of their family.

What order are the Patricia Cornwell books?

Patricia Cornwell has written a series of novels.

  • Following the events of Postmortem (1989), Body of Evidence (1991), All That Remains (1992), Cruel and Unusual (1993), and Cruel and Unusual (1994), the following films were released: The Body Farm is a 1994 film. In this collection: Potter’s Field (1995), Cause of Death (1996), Unnatural Exposure (1997), and others.
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Is chaos by Iris Johansen part of a series?

Alisa Flynn, a special operator of the CIA who was recruited at the age of 13 while she was a street orphan in Caracas, Venezuela, is introduced in this thrilling series debut from New York Times bestselling author Johansen (the Eve Duncan series).

What is the sequel to hide away by Iris Johansen?

A STRONG script has been written, and filming on the sequel, ” Mount Hideaway Mysteries: Heartache and Homecoming “, has begun. We hope to have it completed by the end of the year. In addition to the Mount Hideaway sequel film, we have other extremely intriguing products that we are confident Mount Hideaway fans will enjoy.

Who is Eve Duncan’s father?

Zander is considered to be Eve’s biological father, as well as the guy who assassinated Doane’s serial killer son, who was responsible for the mutilation murders of a large number of young women.

What happened to Bonnie Eve Duncan spoiler?

So, apparently, on the day that Bonnie was kidnapped, the uncle noticed that she was being pursued by evil guys and decided to SAVE her by shoving her into the trunk of his car and driving away. Oh, and by the way, did I mention? It’s the middle of summer, after all. As a result, she succumbs to heatstroke, bringing the story to a close.

Who Writes About Eve Duncan?

forensic sculptor Eve Duncan appears in a series of suspense thriller books written by Iris Johansen, in which she is a fictitious character. One or more of the novels has been a New York Times best-selling title.

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