What Happens In The Pretty Little Liars Books? (Solved)

Hanna, Spencer, Emily, and Aria, all high school juniors, have paid a high price for their transgressions. For months, they were harassed by a stalker known only as “A,” who divulged their innermost secrets. After all, the truth about A’s actual identity has been disclosed, and the girls can now get back to living their normal lives.

Who is the final A in Pretty Little Liars books?

Spencer Hastings, Aria Montgomery, Emily Fields, and Hanna Marin receive humiliating and sometimes frightening emails from an unknown figure (who serves as the series’ major antagonist). Throughout the series, there are three distinct “A”s to look out for. Among those who have died are Mona Vanderwaal and Alison DiLaurentis, who are represented by the letter A.

How did the Pretty Little Liars book end?

The girls are caught and imprisoned in the last book of the series, Vicious (16th), which takes place in prison. Emily, on the other hand, runs away from the cops and is seen going into the waves. She is presumed to be deceased. However, she is genuinely alive and has tracked out the real Alison, who is hiding with her mother, Jessica, in their home.

Who does Hanna end up with in PLL books?

Hannah and her pals are on their way to the premiere of “Burn it Down,” in which Hanna has a role. It has been six months since the premiere. Hanna and Mike are a happily married couple who live in the New York area. Only Hanna’s middle name is disclosed in any of the books about the Liars, making her the only one who does not have a middle name.

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Who killed Alison in the books?

Mona is killed while attempting to assassinate Spencer. Police uncover evidence that Ian Thomas was responsible for Alison’s death around the same time. The four friends have been meeting with a grief counselor for the duration of the book.

Who killed Ali in pretty little liars?

In Season 5, it is revealed that Alison’s killer is also known as Big A. There are two distinct characters in the novel “A is for Answers”: the person who attempted to kill Alison and the person who buried her. Jessica DiLaurentis discovered who had hit Alison with a rock and buried her daughter alive, assuming she had died as a result of the incident.

Do Ezra and Aria end up together in the books?

However, Aria and Ezra’s romance is more serious in the television show, and they even end up getting married. In contrast to the novels, their relationship is more casual.

When did aria lose her virginity to Ezra?

In the episode “If These Dolls Could Talk,” Aria confessed to Ezra that she had lost her virginity. 22.

Do Hanna and Caleb get back together?

Hanna eventually comes to terms with Caleb, and the two of them reunite.

Do Caleb and Hanna get back together in Season 7?

Hanna and Caleb are back together, and Mona is assisting her in her efforts to re-enter the fashion industry.

Who confessed to kidnapping Alison?

Cyrus Petrillo is a fictional character who originally appeared on the television show Pretty Little Liars in Season 5. He is apprehended by the Rosewood Police Department on suspicion of kidnapping Alison DiLaurentis, a crime to which he claims he has falsely confessed.

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What episode do they find out Alison is alive?

“Now You See Me, Now You Don’t” confirms Alison’s survival by revealing that she is alive.

Who was killed instead of Alison?

Freak! Radley Sanitarium patient Bethany Young, who was 17 at the time of Alison’s abduction, was murdered the night of Alison’s disappearance. Her corpse was recovered a year later, and it was mistakenly identified as that of Alison DiLaurentis.

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