What Does Saddle Stitch Look Like For Books?

Printing Lingo: What does Saddle Stitch mean?

The Saddle Stitch bindery operation occurs after the pages and cover have been printed, partially folded, and nested together. The staples pass through the folded crease from the outside and are clinched between the centermost pages.

Does KDP do saddle stitch?

In terms of paperbacks, both KDP and IS offer perfect bound paperbacks with glossy and matte covers; on KDP, you’ll need 100 pages to print text on the spine; on IS, you’ll only need 48 pages. (If your book is less than 48 pages, it’ll probably be saddle-stitched.)

What is saddle stitching?

1: a stitch in which the center of the fold (as in a magazine or pamphlet) is placed across the stitcher’s saddle, and wire staples are driven through and clinched on the inside.

How much does it cost to publish a book on Amazon?

Anyone can publish on Amazon for free; all you have to do is sign up for a Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) account and upload your book. Once you’ve published, you’ll be competing with other authors.

What is the most popular book size?

The most common book sizes today are octavo and quarto, but many books are produced in larger and smaller sizes as well; for example, an elephant folio can be up to 23 inches tall, an atlas folio is 25 inches tall, and a double elephant folio is 50 inches tall.

Is saddle stitching good?

Saddle stitch binding is the most cost-effective option for books with 8 to 92 pages, while perfect binding is a good option for books with more than 28 pages.

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What does a saddle stitch finisher do?

The offset function, which outputs sorted sheets of paper while staggering each set of paper, the staple sort function, which staples each set of prints, the saddle stitch function, which staples the center of the sheets and folds the sheets in half, and the paper folding function, which folds paper in half, are all examples of this.

Why is it called saddle stitch?

Saddle Stitching may seem like an odd name for a book binding process that involves inserting wire staples into sheets of paper, but in the printing industry, stapling is known as stitching, and the collated sheets are draped over a saddle-like tool during the stapling/stitching process, hence the name Saddle Stitching.

What page count is best for saddle stitching?

Because saddle stitch documents are printed on sheets that are folded in half, they must be built in page multiples of 4 pages (8, 12, 16, etc.).

How much does saddle stitching cost?

Saddle stitching costs 20 cents per book. Perfect binding: Perfect binding is a type of binding that uses glue in the center of the inside cover and then adheres the inside pages to the glue. Perfect binding is popular for paperback novels and larger magazines.

What does 2 up saddle stitch mean?

2-up Saddle Stitch. This stitch creates two-page, side-by-side printer spreads that are suitable for printing on both sides, collating, folding, and stapling. InDesign adds blank pages to the end of the finished document as needed.

How do you staple without the bottom?

3 Responses

  1. Open the stapler and position the head where you want the staple to go through the paper.
  2. Remove the paper and staple from the soft firm surface, such as a piece of Styrofoam or a couple layers of corrugated cardboard (such as from a cardboard box).
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How do you bind a book without sewing?


  1. Rings – use two or three scrapbook rings that can be threaded into the papers, punch holes in your pages, and bind them all with the rings.
  2. Wire spines – use a wire spine to bind your book.
  3. Washi tape binding – use washi tape to bind the pages instead of sewing.

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