What Are The Two Books That Crooks Owns? (Solved)

Crooks has two volumes in his possession, correct? Unreadable dictionary and a tattered copy of the California civil code from 1905 are also on display. When Lennie pays a visit to Crooks, how does he respond to the visitor? What causes him to alter his mind?

What books does crooks have in his room?

In addition to shoes, a clock, and a shotgun, Crooks possesses a dictionary, a damaged volume of the California law code, periodicals, a few soiled books, and a pair of spectacles, among other items of value. Crooks takes great care in his room, and he keeps it in immaculate condition.

Why does crooks have more belongings than the other men?

What has enabled Crooks to amass a greater number of personal belongings than the other ranch hands? Because to the nature of his profession and the fact that Crooks is paralyzed, he is more permanent than the other guys, allowing him to amass personal belongings without having to worry about how he would transport them to his next position.

Who comes to visit crooks Lennie and candy in the barn?

After returning to the barn with Candy and George in tow, Carlson, Whit, Curley, and Crooks emerge from the woods. Curley quickly accuses Lennie of the crime and threatens to kill Lennie in the belly with his shotgun if he continues. Carlson pursues Curley out of the barn and into the house, where he finds his Luger.

What crooks want most?

What exactly does Crooks desire when he feels there could actually be land available to him? He wishes to join the guys on the property and is willing to labor for nothing in exchange for the privilege of being allowed to live there. What prompted Curley’s wife to visit the barn?

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What are two books that crooks owns quizlet?

Crooks has two volumes in his possession, correct? Unreadable dictionary and a tattered copy of the California civil code from 1905 are also on display.

Can crooks read?

Crooks, in contrast to the other males, enjoys reading. Even while reading allows Crooks to pass the time and learn new things, he believes that spending time with another human being on the ranch is far more essential to him than any book he could ever read. In the event that Lennie walks through the door of his room, Crooks knows precisely what to say to make him unhappy.

Why does crooks have his own room?

What has enabled Crooks to amass a greater number of personal belongings than the other ranch hands? He has his own room, which means he has extra storage space for his belongings. Because he is “crippled,” he is more “permanent” than the majority of ranch laborers.

What makes crooks stand up and tell Curley’s wife to leave his room?

Is there anything that drives Crooks to approach Curley’s wife and order her to leave the room? Crooks is fed up with Curley’s wife’s racial remarks, and he simply wants her to go away and leave him alone. Candy successfully persuaded Curley’s wife to leave the barn by threatening to inform Curley of his wife’s presence.

Why is crook lonely?

Crooks is lonely since he is the only black person on the ranch, and he is treated unfairly by the other ranchers. He is not permitted to sleep in the bunk house or participate in card games with the other men. Crooks is dismissive of Lennie because he is the only black man on the ranch, and he feels excluded from the rest of the group. He is enraged and takes his frustrations out on Lennie.

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Who does Carlson think has stolen his Luger pistol?

Carlson believes that someone has taken his Luger handgun, and he has no proof. He believes that Lennie was the one who delivered it to the meeting location.

What does Lennie say when he kills Curley’s wife?

According to Steinbeck’s narration, ‘Don’t you go yellin’,’ he growled, shaking her, and her body flopped like a fish as a result of the shaking. And suddenly she was still, for Lennie had broken her neck and she was paralyzed. ” In the aftermath of killing Curley’s wife, Lennie makes a quick decision: he will cover her corpse with hay while fleeing to the hiding area that George had instructed him to visit.

How does crooks get his name?

“Croks” is a cheerful and sharp-witted black stable-hand who gets his nickname from the crookedness of his back. He, like the majority of the other people in the novel, admits to being incredibly lonely. When Lennie pays him a visit in his room, he expresses his displeasure with the situation.

What does candy symbolize?

In Candy, Steinbeck is given the opportunity to speak against societal injustice based on age and physical handicaps. Candy embodies what happens to everyone who reaches the age of majority in American society: they are tossed away, canned or otherwise used up.

Would George ever get a piece of land *?

Would George ever be able to own some land? Not at all, because he recognized that it was only a fantasy that would never come true.

What is crooks job on the ranch?

Crooks works as a stable worker on the ranch, where he cares for the horses and lives alone because he is the only black guy on the property. Crooks, along with Candy, is a figure created by Steinbeck to illustrate the negative consequences of bigotry.

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