What Are The Rarest Comic Books? (Solution found)

12 Exceptionally Rare and Valuable Comic Books That Are Worth a Fortune

  • Action Comics #1 was worth approximately $3.2 million. Detective Comics #27 was worth approximately $2.1 million. Marvel Comics #1 was worth approximately $1.2 million. Amazing Fantasy #15 was worth approximately $1.1 million.
  • All-Star Comics #8 was worth approximately $936,000.
  • Batman #1 was worth approximately $567,000.
  • Superman #1 was worth approximately $507,000.

What are the most valuable old comic books?

The Top 20 Most Expensive Comic Books That Have Ever Been Sold

  • The following comic books were published in 2011: 1) Action Comics #1 ($2,161,000.00)
  • 2) Action Comics #1 ($1,500,000.00)
  • 3) Amazing Fantasy #15 ($1,100,000.00)
  • 4) Detective Comics #27 ($1,075,000.00)
  • 5) Action Comics #1 ($1,000,000.00)
  • 6) Detective Comics #27 ($657,250.00)

What is the most valuable comic book ever?

A comic book showing Spider-debut Man’s appearance has broken the record for the most expensive comic book ever sold, according to the Guinness Book of World Records. Earlier this week, a copy of the 1962 comic Amazing Fantasy No. 15 was sold at Heritage Auctions for an astounding $3.6 million dollars.

How can you tell if a comic book is rare?

The Top Five Ways to Determine Whether or Not Your Comic Is Valuable

  1. Age. Aaron Albert is a fictional character created by author Aaron Albert. The age of a comic book is one of the most important factors to consider when determining its worth.
  2. Low Number of Issues. Popular Characters by Gary Dunaier / WikiCommons. Gary Dunaier / WikiCommons.
  3. Grade First Appearances, courtesy of the Hulton Archive and Getty Images. Marvel is the owner of the copyright.
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What is the rarest Marvel comic book?

Marvel Mystery Comics 128-Page Edition is one of the most sought-after Marvel Comics ever published, and it is also one of the most difficult to find. Only five known copies are believed to exist, and they were all distributed exclusively in New York City, according to news sources. As it turns out, this issue is a reprint of two previous issues: Marvel Mystery Comics #41 and Captain America Comics #22.

Which DC comic books are worth money?

The 10 Most Valuable DC Comics Collections

  • 9 Detective Comics # 29 (1939) – $324,000.
  • 8 Detective Comics #31 (1939) – $418,000.
  • 7 Action Comics #7 (1938) – $439,000.
  • 6 All-American Comics #16 (1940)- $572,000.
  • 5 Detective Comics #1 (1937) – $586,000.
  • 4 Batman #1 (1940)- $634,000.
  • 10 More Fun Comics #52 (1940) – $310,000.

What is the rarest Superman comic?

A rare copy of a comic book in which Superman made his first ever appearance has sold for a world-record $3.25 million (£2.8 million), setting a new record. This implies that the first issue of Action Comics #1, which was issued in 1938 and sold for a ten-cent price, is the most valuable comic book in the world.

What is Batman number 1 worth?

Earlier this month, a near mint edition of Batman #1 sold for well over $2.2 million, setting a new world record for the most expensive Batman comic ever sold. The comic book, which was first published in 1940, was auctioned as part of Heritage Auction’s comics and comic art events, which began on Thursday and will run through Sunday, according to the company.

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What was the first comic book?

The Yellow Kid in McFadden’s Flats, which was published in 1897, is widely regarded as the first comic book, in part because the back cover of the book contained the words “comic book.” This book, in stark contrast to the full-color glossy comic books of today, contained black and white reprints of popular newspaper comic strips from the period.

Are comics from the 90s worth anything?

Despite the fact that the comic book business was experiencing difficulties at the close of the twentieth century, some comics from the 1990s are still worth enough money to make Bruce Wayne sit up and take attention. Nevertheless, the most significant 1990s comics in terms of plot and character development are not always the most valued.

How do I know if my comic books are worth anything?

The cover price of your comics is the quickest and most accurate way to identify whether or not they are of “good quality.” Almost all comic books have the retail cover price at the time of publishing printed on the front and back of the comic book cover. The valuable ones will have 10c, 12c, 15c, 20c, or 25c on the front cover, while the less valued ones will have no denomination.

Are Phantom comics worth anything?

Getting Started Guide The first 50 issues of Frew Phantom comics are highly sought after and are regarded to be extremely valuable. The value of Issue 50 is around $300. The bigger the price, the lower the number is on the scale. The Phantom in a red suit appears in this original Italian edition, which is highly sought after by collectors throughout the world. Rarities like as this are in high demand.

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What is Spider-Man #1 worth?

The comic book 15 from 1962 outperforms Superman in terms of price, fetching what is thought to be the world’s highest amount ever paid for a comic book. Spider-Man has just surpassed himself in terms of incredibleness. A copy of the Marvel hero’s debut comic book appearance sold for $3.6 million at Heritage Auctions on Thursday, according to the company. Amazing Fantasy No. 1 is the comic book in question.

What was Stan Lee net worth?

A report published in April 2018 by The Hollywood Reporter asserted that Lee had been a victim of elder abuse; the report asserted that, among other things, Keya Morgan, Lee’s business manager and a memorabilia collector, had been isolating Lee from his trusted friends and associates following his wife’s death in order to gain access to Lee’s personal belongings.

What is Spider-Man number?

Marvel Comics superhero Spider-Man (Max Borne), also known as Spider-Man 2211, is a fictional character who appears in comic books published by Marvel Comics.

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