What Are The Best Comic Books To Collect? (Solution found)

  • “Batman #313” (1979)
  • “Marvel Comics Fantastic Four #52” (1966)
  • “Tales of the Teen Titans #44”
  • “Tales of Suspense #52: The Crimson Dynamo Strikes Again” (1964)
  • “Showcase #24” (1959)
  • “Tales of Suspense #52: The Crimson Dynamo

What comic books are worth buying?

10 Exotic Comic Books That Are Worth a Bundle of Bucks

  • Action Comics No. 1 – Action Comics No. The first issue of Action Comics featured Superman for the first time, and it was a significant step in the development of the superhero genre.
  • Amazing Fantasy No.
  • Detective Comics No.
  • All Star Comics No.
  • X-Men No.
  • Tales of Suspense No.
  • Marvel Comics No.
  • The Incredible Hulk No.
  • All Star Comics No.

What are the most desirable comic books?

According to Ranker, these are the top ten comic books of all time.

  1. Watchmen is number one on the list. Moore’s Watchmen comic book series is perhaps his most well-known work in the comics industry. Two films about Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, three about The Sandman, and four about Batman: Year One. Six films about Batman: The Killing Joke, seven films about Kingdom Come, and eight films about Batman: The Long Halloween.

What is a good comic book series to start collecting?

It’s actual comics for beginners, with the goal of educating new readers on the tremendous power of comic books!

  • 1) Watchmen. 2) The Sandman. 3) Bone. )
  • Hawkeye by Matt Fraction, David Aja, and Annie Wu
  • Rat Queens Volume One.
  • Gotham Academy.
  • Ms. Marvel.
  • Saga, by Matt Fraction, David Aja, and Annie Wu

What is considered the best comic book ever?

The 100 Greatest Comic Books of All Time

  • Watchmen
  • The Sandman
  • Bone
  • Jonathan Hickman’s Marvel-verse from 2008 to 2016
  • Grant Morrison’s Doom Patrol
  • and many other titles. Among others who have contributed to this work are Richard Case, Mister Miracle, Mind MGMT, Maus, and many others.
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What comic books are hot right now?

Without further ado, here are the top 25 comics from this month!

  • Amazing Spider-Man 361 from 1992 first appearance of Carnage $300.00
  • Batman 89 from 2020 first appearance of Punchline $55.00
  • Batman the Long Halloween 1 from 1996 $75.00
  • Batman Vengeance of Bane 1 from 1993 first Bane $100.00
  • Batman the

How do I know if my comic books are worth anything?

The cover price of your comics is the quickest and most accurate way to identify whether or not they are of “good quality.” Almost all comic books have the retail cover price at the time of publishing printed on the front and back of the comic book cover. The valuable ones will have 10c, 12c, 15c, 20c, or 25c on the front cover, while the less valued ones will have no denomination.

What is the most sought after comic book?

The cover price of your comic books is the quickest and most accurate way to identify whether or not they are of “good quality.” In almost all cases, the cover price of a comic book at the time of publishing is printed on the front. The valuable ones will have 10c, 12c, 15c, 20c, or 25c on the front cover, while the less valuable ones will have nothing.

  • Flash Comics #1 sold for $450,000.
  • X-Men #1 sold for $492,937.50.
  • Batman #1 sold for $567,625.00.
  • All-Star Comics #8 sold for $936,223.
  • Detective Comics #27 sold for $1,075 million.
  • Amazing Fantasy #15 sold for $1.1 million.
  • Action Comics #1 – CGC 8.5 sold for $1.5 million.
  • Action Comics #1 –
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What is the most valuable comic book of all time?

Flash Comics #1 sold for $450,000. ;X-Men #1 sold for $492,937.50. ;Batman #1 sold for $567,625.00. ;All-Star Comics #8 sold for $936,223. ;Detective Comics #27 sold for $1,075 million. ;Amazing Fantasy #15 sold for $1.1 million. ;Action Comics #1 – CGC 8.5 – $1.5 million. ;Action Comics #1 –

Are new comics worth collecting?

Modern comic books are excellent for both collecting and reading for pleasure. If you want to make a long-term investment out of a fraction of your complete collection, you might consider concentrating on investment-grade volumes. To meet the investment-grade criterion, most Modern Age comic books will need to be rated at least a 9.8 on the scale used in our example.

What Marvel comic should I read first?

1) The Marvel Comics Classics are a must-have. For my money, Marvel’s first notable comics, such as Amazing Spider-Man by Steve Ditko, John Romita, and Stan Lee, and Fantastic Four by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee, are worth checking out.

How do I start a comic collection?

The Best Way to Begin Collecting Comic Books and Earn Money

  1. Start collecting comic books slowly.
  2. Look for comics in places other than a comic book shop.
  3. Network with other comic book collectors.
  4. Attend comic cons.
  5. Search for comic books online.
  6. Know the Grading System.
  7. Search for Key Issues.
  8. Flip Modern Key Issues.
  9. Start collecting comic books slowly.

Is it worth collecting graphic novels?

Over time, some of those comic books, particularly the original issues, can be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, such as Action Comics #1, which is currently worth almost half a million dollars (source: Comic Book Resources). Even contemporary comic books are now worth a significant amount of money, thanks to the efforts of organizations such as the Comics Guaranty Company and eBay.

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What is the best graphic novel ever written?

The Top 50 Graphic Novels of All Time, According to Critics

  1. The Watchmen (1986) by DC Comics.
  2. Daredevil (2001) by Marvel Comics.
  3. Dark Knight Returns (1986) by DC Comics.
  4. Blacksad (2000) by Dargaud.
  5. Animal Man (1988) by DC Vertigo.
  6. Lone Wolf and Cub (1970) by Dark Horse Comics.

What is the best DC comic?

The greatest storylines from DC Comics history

  1. The Great Darkness Saga. (Image credit: DC Comics)
  2. All-Star Superman. (Image credit: DC Comics)
  3. Kingdom Come.
  4. The Dark Knight Returns.
  5. The Sinestro Corps War.
  6. The Judas Contract.

Is Watchmen the best graphic novel?

Kingdom Come. (Image courtesy of DC Comics); Crisis on Infinite Earths. (Image courtesy of DC Comics); The Great Darkness Saga. (Image courtesy of DC Comics); All-Star Superman. (Image courtesy of DC Comics); The New Frontier. ;The Dark Knight Returns. ;Sinestro Corps War. ;The Judas Contract.

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