Star Wars Where Do Thrawn Books Fit In The Rebels Show? (Correct answer)

The first canon Thrawn novel takes place before the events of Star Wars: Rebels, however the second and third novels take place during the events of Star Wars: Rebels.

Is the Thrawn book series canon?

THRAWN (also known as Star Wars: The Imperial Trilogy) is a canon adult-fiction novel trilogy authored by Timothy Zahn and published by Del Rey that takes place in the Star Wars universe. Thrawn (2017), Thrawn: Alliances (2018), and Thrawn: Treason (2019) are the first three books in the Thrawn series (2019).

Where is Thrawn at the end of Rebels?

The whereabouts of Thrawn and Ezra have remained a mystery, but one that Lucasfilm appears to be interested in delving into. In spite of the fact that Thrawn seemed to have resisted returning from the Unknown Regions for several years, he finally made his way to the Outer Rim just before the first season of The Mandalorian.

What is the Order of the Star Wars Thrawn books?

Thrawn’s appearance in The Mandalorian, which takes place over a decade after the events of Rebels, provided further evidence that he had actually returned to the Star Wars universe.

Is thrawn ascendancy a prequel?

It is a prequel to the events of Star Wars: Thrawn as well as the events of Star Wars Rebels, which take place later in the trilogy. Chaos Rising, Greater Good, and Lesser Evil are the first three books in the Chaos Rising series.

Is Grand Admiral Thrawn higher than Tarkin?

No, Tarkin’s highest attained rank in the Imperial Navy was Admiral, whereas Grand Admiral Thrawn’s highest achieved rank in the Imperial Navy was… Grand Admiral. Tarkin, on the other hand, rose to higher heights as a military ruler.

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Did thrawn know Vader was Anakin?

Though not a political genius, Thrawn quickly concluded that Darth Vader was, in reality, Anakin Skywalker thanks to his superior strategic abilities. He, too, had the foresight to keep his information to himself, but he did express his doubts to Vader in Thrawn: Alliances.

Is thrawn in rogue one?

There has been minimal activity on Disney Plus’ Cassian Andor series since it was first announced in November 2018, and there has been little movement since then.

Should I read thrawn before the Thrawn trilogy?

It is not necessary for you to read it first. Then there are the brief sorties, which I would recommend as well. I’d probably read them after I finished the books, but they take place in between. Keep in mind that a new trilogy will take place prior to all of this, and it will be the focus of this article.

Is Grand Admiral Thrawn a good person?

Thrawn is a wonderful character who finds himself in the middle of a moral quagmire. He wants to do good for the Galaxy, and he is willing to accept his own stupidity in exchange for the greater good. He is, on the other hand, cruel and not magnanimous. So Thrawn is a nasty man, but he is not a horrible guy who is wicked.

Which Thrawn trilogy should I read first?

A terrific figure that finds himself in a moral quagmire is Thrawn (voiced by Mark Hamill). He sincerely wishes to do good for the Galaxy, and he is willing to accept his own stupidity in exchange for a more favorable outcome for everyone. He is, on the other hand, ruthless and unkind. The conclusion is that while Thrawn is a horrible character, it is not his intention to harm humanity.

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Is Benedict Cumberbatch thrawn?

The Mandalorian: Benedict Cumberbatch as Grand Admiral Thrawn dazzles in this amazing shot from the film. When it comes to Grand Admiral Thrawn fan-castings for The Mandalorian, Benedict Cumberbatch has consistently ranked at the top, as seen by this new depiction of him sporting the Star Wars character’s distinctive appearance.

Who plays Admiral Thrawn?

Now, according to a fresh report, two more names have been added to the list of participants. Exclusively reported by the online podcast site LRM, Lucasfilm has cast Mena Massoud as Ezra Bridger and Lars Mikkelsen as Grand Admiral Thrawn in the Star Wars: The Force Awakens film series.

Who would make the best thrawn?

There are ten actors that might play Grand Admiral Thrawn in the upcoming series The Mandalorian.

  • The cast includes: 3 Antony Starr, 4 Lee Pace, 5 Jon Hamm, 6 Lars Mikkelsen, 7 Tom Hiddleston, 8 Hugo Weaving, 9 Benedict Cumberbatch, and 10 Michael Fassbender.

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