Readers ask: What Signifies The Reading Of Strange Books?

What signifies the reading of strange books?

Giles Corey was questioned and made some statements that have led many historians to accuse him of turning his wife in for witchcraft. Giles feels guilty because he has harmed his wife’s reputation. Abigail blames Tituba for Betty Parris’ and Ruth Putnam’s strange illnesses.

Who said I have always wanted to ask a learned man what signifies the reading of strange books?

“I want to open myself! I want the light of God, the sweet love of Jesus!” “I danced for the Devil; I saw him; I wrote in his book; I return to Jesus; I kiss His hand,” says Hale.

What does Proctor mean when he says I hear you’re a sensible man Mr Hale I hope you leave some of that in Salem?

Mr. Hale, I’ve heard you’re a sensible man; I hope you’ll leave some of it in Salem. Proctor to Hale, this shows that John Proctor believes some people in Salem are acting ridiculously, and he hopes Hale can calm them down.

What mistake does Giles Corey make?

What accusation does Giles Corey make as this act begins? Giles Corey accuses Thomas Putnam of murdering his neighbors in order to gain land. What news do we learn about Rebecca Nurse? She was sentenced to death for witchcraft.

Who is the old man who can not pray when his wife is reading?

Parris has summoned him to put an end to the witchcraft rumors. What does Giles Corey reveal to Reverend Hale? He is concerned because his wife reads “strange” books at night, and one night he couldn’t pray until she put down the book.

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Who is accused of murdering the Putnam’s babies?

Mrs. Putnam is convinced that Rebecca Nurse is responsible for “the marvelous and supernatural murder of Goody Putnam’s babies.” A number of Mrs. Putnam’s babies have died, and she is looking for an explanation. Ruth, Mrs. Putnam’s daughter, “accused Rebecca’s spirit of ‘tempting her to iniquity.”

Who says a man may think God sleeps but God sees everything?

5. “A man may think God sleeps, but God sees everything I beg you…She thinks to dance with me on my wife’s grave!” – John Proctor, Act Two.

Who says the devil can never overcome a minister?

“A minister can never be overcome by the Devil,” John Hale tells Tituba, explaining that she can still have God’s light in her life.

What is John Proctor’s tragic flaw?

John Proctor has a tragic flaw that forces him to hide his prideful mistake, which ultimately leads to his downfall. I guess the old adage is true: “Pride comes before the fall.” John Proctor’s tragic flaw is excessive pride, which he displays throughout the play.

How did Proctor know the girls were frauds?

Long Answer: Elizabeth Proctor first urges John Proctor to go to Salem so he can testify that Abigail and the other girls are frauds, which John already knows because Abigail scoffed at the suggestion that Betty’s illness had anything to do with witchcraft when they spoke alone in Act 1.

What evidence does Giles Corey bring to court?

Giles Corey enters the courtroom, claiming that he has proof that his wife is not a witch, and that Thomas Putnam’s agreed-upon land is fueling these lies. How does Danforth respond to Giles?

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Why does Giles Corey not divulge his source?

Why won’t he reveal his source? A man told Giles that he overheard Thomas Putnam say that Ruth gave Putnam a gift of land by accusing George Jacobs, but Giles won’t reveal the man’s name because he doesn’t want him arrested.

How do you know then that you are not a witch?

How do you know you’re not a witch, Mister? They’re going to hang my wife! Disrespect!

Who put 400 people in jail and condemned 72 to hang?

Danforth, on the other hand, is said to have imprisoned 400 people in the area for witchcraft, and to have signed the death warrants for 72 of them.

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