Readers ask: What Order Do Nstasha Preston Books Go?

Natasha Preston

Natasha Preston is a British author who writes young adult fiction, romance, and thrillers in several series, including “Silence,” “The Cellar,” and several standalone novels. She grew up in the English countryside, in small hamlets and villages.
The young adult novels are written from the perspectives of two main characters, Cole and Oakley, and she credits Wattpad with opening her eyes to what was possible by providing an escape from her mundane life. The novels provide a dual perspective as Oakley and Cole’s relationship evolves from platonic to romantic.

Is there a 2nd book to the lost by Natasha Preston?

No, there won’t be a sequel, Natasha Preston.

What books are in the Natasha Preston collection?

The Cabin, The Cellar, and You Will Be Mine are three chilling novels by Natasha Preston, the #1 New York Times bestselling author.

  • 5.6 x 2.7 x 8.3 inches.
  • ISBN-10. 1728210321.
  • ISBN-13. 978-1728210322.
  • English.
  • Sourcebooks Fire.
  • October 1, 2019.
  • Grade level. 8 – 12.
  • Reading age. 14 – 18 years.

How many books are in the cellar series?

Kindle Edition of Cellar (two-book series).

Is silence by Natasha Preston a movie?

Is Silence or The Cellar going to be made into a movie? Unfortunately, none of my books have been optioned for film adaptation.

How does the book The Lost end?

In “The End,” the flash-sideways is revealed to be the afterlife, where all of the Oceanic survivors are reunited after their deaths, in a kind of purgatory where they must each make peace with their own struggles before they can recognize one another and move on together.

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Will there be a sequel to the lost?

‘Lost’ renewal rumors and questions have been circulating for less than two years, but the TV series’ ex-showrunner Carlton Cuse said in an interview, “It is the end of the story that we wanted to tell, and we had no plans to go back and revisit it.”

What is the theme of the book The Twin by Natasha Preston?

Ivy discovers that her twin sister, Iris, is attempting to push her out of her own lifeu2013and may be responsible for their mother’s deathu2013in this twisty psychological thriller from the #1 New York Times bestselling author of THE CELLAR.

What happens in the lost by Natasha Preston?

Piper and her best friend Hazel suspect something more sinister is going on in Piper’s hometown, and everyone assumes it’s just a bunch of runaways. But when another person vanishes, Piper and her best friend Hazel decide to investigate, determined to learn the truth.

Who dies in you will be mine?

Finally, her life has returned to normalu2014she’s a media student in college, living off campus with five housemates, and even having feelings for one of themu2014until an envelope addressed to Sonny, one of her housemates, arrives at their doorstep, followed by Sonny’s murder with his heart removed.

Does the cabin have a sequel?

Kindle Edition of After the Cabin (The Cabin Trilogy Book 2)

What should I read after cellar?

If you enjoyed Natasha Preston’s novel The Cellar,

  • Amy Chelsea Stacie Dee. Thompson, Mary G. ( Mary Gloria), 1978-
  • The Girl Who Was Supposed to Die. Henry, April. Book, 2013.
  • The Leaving. Altebrando, Tara. Book, 2016.
  • The Special Ones. Bailey, Em. Book, 2017.
  • Vanishing Girls. Oliver, Lauren, 1982-

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