Readers ask: What Kindle Books Can Be Shared?

How to Share Kindle Books with Family and Friends | Digital Trends

We’ve rounded up the best free Kindle books and the best websites for downloading free audiobooks, as well as a lending feature built into Kindle e-books called the Family Library, which is a convenient way to share your Kindle book collection.

How to share a Kindle book with family

Amazon’s Family Library allows up to four members of your family to share e-books: two adults and four children can share all or some of their Kindle books, apps, and audiobooks, and each family member can borrow books for as long as they want.

How to download a Kindle book from Family Library

Under the Manage Your Content section of your account, you can easily manage your content and devices by clicking on the books you want to send to your device or app, then clicking Deliver.

Things to know before lending or borrowing a Kindle book

You can only lend a Kindle book to another reader for up to 14 days, and the borrower does not need a Fire tablet or Kindle e-book reader to open it. If the borrower does not accept the loan within seven days, it will be returned to your library.

How to share a Kindle book from the product detail page

How do I share a Kindle book with someone else? Go to the Kindle Store on your computer and type in the name of the title you’d like to loan, then click on the book you’d like to share, then click on the product page and select “Loan this book.”

How to share a Kindle book from the Manage Your Content and Devices page

You can now loan books from your Kindle without having to go to the store: select Loan this title from the Actions button next to the book or magazine title you want to loan.

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How to request a Kindle book from a friend

If you don’t have a library card, you can ask a friend to lend you a Kindle title; you’ll receive an email notification when your friend lends you the book, and downloading it is simple:. Open the email message with the subject line “A Loaned Book for You.”

How to return a loaned Kindle book

If you finish a book before the 14-day lending period is up, you can return it early by logging into your Amazon account and selecting Delete from the resulting list of options, then clicking Yes to confirm your return.

Can I share my Kindle books with someone else?

You can easily share Kindle books between family members if you first create an Amazon Household, which you can do online or on your Kindle. If you don’t have an Amazon Household, you can share some eligible Kindle books by lending the title for a two-week period.

How do I share Kindle books with family?

How Can I Share Kindle Ebooks With My Family?

  1. Create an Amazon Household first, then create your Family Library.
  2. Log In and Verify.
  3. Approve Payment Sharing.
  4. Sharing Content.
  5. Add Children to Your Household.
  6. Add a Child.
  7. Manage Your Content and Devices.
  8. Select a Book.

How do you lend a book on Kindle?

How to Borrow Kindle Books and Deliver Them

  1. Select Borrow.
  2. Choose a lending period for the title (if available).
  3. After you borrow the title, select Read now with Kindle.

How many devices can share a Kindle book?

The ability to share books with up to five other Kindle-related devices under one account is a hot topic on the various Kindle forums, as Amazon allows a Kindle book to be shared by up to six Kindle-related devices under one account, with the account owner responsible for all purchases/downloads of that book.

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Why can’t I share my Kindle books?

A Kindle book can only be loaned once; once you’ve loaned it, it’s locked to your library and can’t be shared again. Not all Kindle books can be loaned; some publishers impose lending restrictions; if you don’t see an option to loan a Kindle book, it can’t be shared.

Why can’t I see shared books on Kindle?

If you have multiple Amazon accounts, your book may have been purchased from a different account. Deregister and reregister the app. Uninstall and reinstall your Kindle app.

How do I share Kindle books without family?

If you don’t want them to appear in an app, uncheck the box on the Your Devices page, and if you don’t want to share a specific book in your library, unshare it from the nearby pages Your Account / Manage Your Content and Devices / Your Content.

How many times can you loan a Kindle book?

One-Time Only: Kindle only allows you to loan a title once u2014 not once per person, but once overall; once you’ve loaned a book out, you won’t be able to loan it to anyone else. 14-Day Limit: As previously stated, your book can only be shared for 14 days.

Is sharing ebooks illegal?

It is illegal under Copyright law to distribute copies of this eTextbook even if you are not being paid for it, as has happened in the past with file sharing music cases.

Is Kindle Owners Lending Library gone?

According to GoodEReader, Amazon’s Lending Library for Kindle devices will close on January 4, 2021. The Amazon staple has been largely replaced by the beefier Prime Reading program in recent years, so the Lending Library’s demise isn’t surprising.

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How do I know if I can lend a Kindle book?

You can tell if a book is eligible for lending by scrolling down to the u201cProduct Detailsu201d section on the Kindle book page, where you’ll find a bold-faced legend called u201cLending:u201d that will tell you whether the lending feature is enabled (it’s in the u201cProduct Detailsu201d section).

Can two people read same Kindle book at same time?

By sharing the account ID and password, multiple people can use the same account, which means two people can read the same book on their own Kindles, even if only one of them purchased it.

How do you read Kindle books on multiple devices?

Step 1: Go to Amazon’s official site and download the free kindle reading apps for your device. Step 2: Log in to your Amazon account and register your Kindle app. Step 3: Purchase and download books that you want to read on your devices.

How do I transfer Kindle books to another device?

Begin by logging into Amazon and going to your Account section. Select the Your Devices and Content section or link. Check the box next to the book you want to re-download or send to a different device, and then click the Deliver or Remove from Device button.

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