Readers ask: What Books Did The Book People Memorise?

Notes & queries: Can people memorise whole books, as they do in Fahrenheit 451?

In the novel Fahrenheit 451, people memorize entire books in response to a totalitarian regime’s policy of book burning; could someone “become,” say, Oliver Twist? Science fiction writers have tested and passed with flying colors the limits of human memory.
No one has ever tapped the ranges and sonorities of the English language better than James Kilfiger, who memorized Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness in nine months. Gavin Kostick could recite the entire Mahabharata in 41/2 hours. Allan Ronald can’t remember the plot of most books he’s read, let alone every word of them.

What book did Montag memorize?

Montag memorizes the books of Ecclesiastes and Revelations in particular, as the apocalyptic events of the war and its aftermath are reflected in the book of Revelations’ apocalyptic passages.

What books did Granger memorize?

Granger, for example, has memorized Plato’s Republic, while Montag brings the biblical Book of Ecclesiastes to the group. By memorizing the books, Granger and his men have successfully preserved the content of lost booksu2014books outlawed by the government and burned by firemen.

What is people’s plan book?

This book tells a powerful story of mass mobilization and innovation, achieved by overcoming bureaucratic opposition and rooting out corruption and cynicism. It traces the campaign’s stages, assesses problems and successes, and evaluates concrete results and reforms.

Why does Montag memorize the Old Testament?

Montag memorizes these important passages to remind people that they should never give up hope, and if Montag is witnessing the end of the world, the Bible reminds him and the others of God’s promise and to keep the faith.

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Who destroyed Fahrenheit 451?

The city is destroyed by bombs when jet planes swoop in and drop them; the exact sequence of events, or even how long the devastation took, is impossible to determine; Montag can’t tell if things are happening slowly or if time has stopped in his head.

What word does Faber call himself?

Why does Faber refer to himself as a coward? Faber was well aware that society was on a dangerous and destructive path years ago, but he said nothing and did nothing to stop it.

What lesson did Granger learn from his grandfather?

Granger was inspired by his grandfather’s stories to share the meaning of life with Montag, which he learned from his grandfather: make a difference and cherish memories.

Who does Montag think of when the bombs start to destroy the city?

As he watches the city be destroyed, Montag is shocked, saddened, and full of regret; he immediately thinks of Mildred and wishes to save her; he yells her name as the first atomic bomb hits the city and can imagine the devastation in his mind.

What does Granger give to Montag?

Montag is given a bottle of colorless fluid to drink, and Granger explains that it will change the chemical index of his perspiration, making it impossible for the Hound to locate him.

Who is speaking in the book of Ecclesiastes?

The narrator of Ecclesiastes is an unnamed person who introduces himself as a “Teacher” and claims to be the current king of Israel and a son of King David, exclaiming, “Vanity of vanities…! All is vanity” (1:2).

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What Ecclesiastes means?

Ecclesiastes is a Jewish Ketuvim and Old Testament book whose title is a Latin transliteration of the Greek translation of the Hebrew Koheleth, which means “gatherer” but is traditionally translated as “Teacher” or “Preacher.”

Does Montag read Bible?

He is trying to read the Bible, but the Denham’s ad is interfering with his concentration. He is reading the Sermon on the Mount, which is found in Matthew’s Gospel, Chapter 6.

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