Quick Answer: What Should I Use Mastery Books On?

Mastery Book

Mastery Books are a type of consumable item in the game that increases a skill’s maximum trainable level from 10 to 20, and then from 20 to 30. Some skills have a Level 10 upper limit that cannot be increased with Mastery Books.

What do mastery books do?

Mastery Books are a type of consumable item in the game that allow you to increase a skill’s maximum trainable level from 10 to 20, and then from 20 to 30 (if the skill’s maximum level allows for it).

Do Thunder breakers need mastery books?

Strikers can now level up to Level 250 and use 4th Job Skills and Hyper Skills without the need for a Mastery Book, and most active skills can be chained/comboed to execute them without any skill delay.

How do you get mastery books in MapleStory?

Mastery Books 20 and 30 can be purchased from NPCs in two locations: Luna in Henesys (potion store) and Illiad in Leafre (directly above Black Friday maid). Each Mastery Book costs 3 million mesos for level 20 and 5 million mesos for level 30.

What is mastery MapleStory?

A skill that increases your “mastery” of a weapon type also increases your weapon’s minimum damage.

Do Cygnus Knights need mastery books?

Knights of Cygnus do not require skill books or mastery books to master their skills, and Knights of Cygnus receive 6 Ability Points (AP) for each level up to level 69, with level 120 being the highest level a Knight of Cygnus can reach.

How often do you get hyper skills?

Starting at Level 140, you will gain Hyper Skill Points (HSP) every ten levels, with two types of Hyper Stats: passive and active. Passive Hyper Skill Points are used to upgrade your existing job skill, while active Hyper Skill Points are used to unlock a new skill.

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What is spell trace for Maplestory?

When using Spell Traces to enhance equipment, the type, level, and success rate of the enhancement will determine how many Spell Traces are required. When using Spell Traces, the chances of the item being destroyed on failure are 0% – the item will not be destroyed.

How do you beat the boss in root abyss?

She is the easiest of the Root Abyss bosses; just watch out for her breath blast, and her Soul Shards are worth collecting. Watch out for the falling hats, which will stun you and force you to mash left and right, but you will be one-hit KO’d.

How do I get to the silent crusade shop?

The Silent Crusade hideout is in Edelstein’s new shop; enter the City Hall and turn right to enter the hidden portal. What are Crusader Coins? Crusader Coins are a currency that can be used to purchase items from the Crusader Shop (Wence).

How do I get to Leafre?

How do I get to Leafre? 🙁 Take the ship from Victoria to Orbis, then walk all the way right to the Orbis station, speak to the npc/enter the portal, and choose “Fly to Leafre” or something similar.

How do I get to Korean Folk Town?

You will be on the first floor of Helios Tower when you exit; climb down until you see a doorway in a statue of a bird holding a book; you are now in the library; go to the bottom of the map and you will see a giant glowing book; this is the portal into Korean Folk Town.

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