Quick Answer: What Other Books Has Ruta Sepetys Written?

Ruta Sepetys

Ruta Sepetys (also known as Ru016bta u0160epetys) is a Lithuanian-American historical fiction author who has been published in over sixty countries and forty languages. She is a #1 New York Times and international bestseller.


Sepetys was featured in the “Women in Rock” special issue of Rolling Stone magazine in 2002, and she published her first novel in 2011. She also serves on the Board of Advisors for Belmont University’s Mike Curb College of Entertainment and Music Business.

Between Shades of Gray

Sepetys Ruta is an American historical fiction author whose first novel, Between Shades of Gray, was critically acclaimed and has been translated into over 30 languages. Ruta gave a presentation on her book to MEPs at the European Parliament in March 2013, and the novel is being developed as a film.

Out of the Easy

Josie Moraine is a young woman in the 1950s French Quarter of New Orleans who struggles to escape her family and become an author in Sepetys’ novel Out of the Easy, which became a New York Times bestseller.

Salt to the Sea

Salt to the Sea was published on February 2, 2016 and chronicles the 1945 East Prussian refugee evacuation and the MV Wilhelm Gustloff disaster. It was awarded The Carnegie Medal in June 2017 for stimulating empathy and solidarity.

The Fountains of Silence

The Fountains of Silence, a novel by Sepetys, was published on October 1, 2019. It is set in Madrid during the dictatorship of Spain’s Francisco Franco, and one of the themes explored in the book is Francoism’s stolen children, who were abducted from their Republican parents.


Between Shades of Gray has been adapted for film by Ben York Jones, directed by Marius A. Markevicius, and stars Bel Powley, Martin Wallstru00f6m, and Lisa Loven Kongsli. It has been translated into 30 languages and sold in as many countries.

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Postage Stamp

Sepetys was one of the stamps included in a series of stamps celebrating the work of people who create and strengthen awareness of Lithuania, which was unveiled in June 2018 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Lithuania’s original independence.

The Carnegie Medal

The Carnegie Medal literary award was presented to Ruta Sepetys in June 2017 at a ceremony held at the Royal Institute of British Architects in London.

Cross of the Knight

Sepetys received the Knight’s Cross of the Order for Merits to Lithuania on June 6, 2013, in recognition of her contributions to education and culture, as well as her global efforts to share the history of totalitarianism in the Baltics.

The Rockefeller Foundation

Sepetys was awarded a Bellagio Center residency by the Rockefeller Foundation in Lake Como, Italy, in 2015, where she spent a month interacting with other international resident thought leaders, policymakers, artists, and practitioners.


Simon Sebag Montefiore is the author of Between Shades of Gray, Out of the Easy, and Salt to the Sea, with a new book due out in 2019.

Media articles and essays

Ruta Sepetys, author of “An Immigrant’s Timeless Tale” and “Two Gray Titles, One Sexy Mix-Up” and “Finding My Family’s Story Through Historical Fiction,” is featured on NPR’s All Things Considered.


Ruta Sepetys is the co-author of the award-winning novel Out of the Easy, which won the New York Times Children’s Book of the Year in 2013. She is also the author of the children’s books Between Shades of Gray and Salt to the Sea.

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What is Ruta Sepetys known for?

Ruta Sepetys (Rta epetys) is an internationally acclaimed, #1 New York Times bestselling historical fiction author whose work has been translated into more than sixty countries and forty languages. A Carnegie Medal winner, Ruta is known for giving voice to underrepresented historical figures and those who lived through it.

What was Ruta Sepetys first book?

“Between Shades of Gray,” Sepetys’ debut novel, became an international bestseller (it was published in 45 countries) and won more than 50 literary awards around the world.

Why did Ruta Sepetys write Between Shades of Gray?

Ruta Sepetys told ThirstforFiction that she wanted Between Shades of Gray to be a young adult novel because she met many survivors in Lithuania who were teenagers at the time of the deportations and had a stronger will to live than many of their adult counterparts at the time.

Where is Ruta Sepetys from?

From the Sepetys family photo album, Ruta Sepetys with her father Jurgis Sepetys in the United States.

How do you pronounce Ruta Sepetys?

When you talk about Ruta Sepetys, our current multi-award-winning authoru2014and you will!u2014pronounce her name correctly: Roota Suh-pettys.

Is Ruta Sepetys coming out with a new book?

The upcoming historical thriller, I Must Betray You, by Ruta Sepetys, is based on the true story of Romanian teenagers working in a spy network, and will be released in February 2022. Sepetys drew on the testimonies of actual witnesses in writing the book.

What awards has Ruta Sepetys won?

Ruta Sepetys, author of Penguin Young Readers’ SALT TO THE SEA (Philomel Books/Puffin), has won the 2017 CILIP Carnegie Medal, one of the UK’s most prestigious children’s literary awards, for her fictionalized account of the sinking of the German ocean liner Wilhelm Gustloff in 1945.

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Is salt to the sea a true story?

The true story of a doomed German ship, the Wilhelm Gustloff, is at the heart of “Salt To The Sea.” Late in WWII, this one-time cruise ship became part of a massive evacuation of German soldiers and civilians, as well as refugees from Poland, Lithuania, and beyond, all fleeing the advancing Soviet army.

What happens in salt to the sea?

It follows four people on their journey to the ill-fated MV Wilhelm Gustloff during World War II, as well as the disappearance of the Amber Room, a world-famous, ornately decorated chamber stolen by the Nazis and never recovered.

Is Ruta a sepetys ya?

Ruta Sepetys is best known for her young adult historical fiction novels Out of the Easy, Between Shades of Gray, and Salt to the Sea, the latter of which was named the Goodreads Choice Award winner for YA Fiction in 2016.

What is the main conflict in between shades of gray?

Because Lina is fighting against the NKVD and the world around her, the main conflict type in Between Shades of Gray was character vs. society, as stated on page 171: u201cThe NKVD drew near, watching.u201d Introduction- Lina and her family are taken from their home.

Is between shades of GREY about the Holocaust?

Between Shades of Gray tells the story of the Soviet Union’s genocide of the Baltic peoples of Eastern Europe, which is far less well known than the Holocaust’s genocide of Jews and other minorities.

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