Quick Answer: What Is The Scoop On Warrier Cats Books?

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The characters are mostly good role models, but they do make some mistakes; there are a lot of them, which can be confusing for young children; it can also be annoying when they kill off background characters during various timeskips and no one remembers who they were.

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Warriors is a gorgeously crafted series that spans multiple time periods and encompasses the lives of numerous characters, with more than forty to fiftyish books (and counting) from the Dawn of the Clans to the Omen of the Stars.

What comes after a vision of shadows?

The Apprentice’s Quest (15 March 2016), Thunder and Shadow (6 September 2016), Shattered Sky (11 April 2017), Darkest Night (7 November 2017), River of Fire (10 April 2018), and The Raging Storm (6 November 2018) are the six novels in the Warriors: A Vision of Shadows series.

Is warrior cats still going?

Warriors: Power of Three was completed in spring 2009; Warriors: Omens of the Stars was completed in 2012; Warriors: Dawn of the Clans was completed in 2015; Warriors: A Vision of Shadows was completed in 2018; and Warriors: The Broken Code is still being released in 2020.

How many warrior cat books are there in total 2020?

The Warriors Books are written by Erin Hunter, who is the author of the acclaimed best-selling junior fantasy books for young adults known as the Warriors series, which consists of six books in total.

Can you read warrior cats out of order?

Tobi To understand what’s going on and who the characters are, you should read the books in this order: Dawn of the Clans, or the original Warriors series, then The New Prophecy, then The Power of Three, and finally Omen of the Stars.

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Where can I read warrior cats for free?

Warrior spirit – Home. Welcome to the Warrior Cats Book Site, where you can read and download free warrior cat books ranging from “Dawn of the Clans” to “Vision of Shadows.”

What is Ravenpaw’s warrior name?

Ravenwing would be Ravenpaw’s warrior name.

Will there be a warrior cats movie in 2019?

Warriors had its world premiere on August 29th, 2019 in London, and will be released theatrically in North America on September 13th, 2019 in RealD 3D, IMAX 3D, Dolby Cinema, and other premium large formats.

Who is the oldest cat in Warriors?

Mistystar, who is 16.6 years old and has ThunderClan blood via Bluestar, is the oldest known living cat in the Warriors series.

Who died in warrior cats?

Storms are brewing.

  • Runningwind was killed by Tigerclaw. Whitethroat was attacked by a monster. Nightstar was killed by Greencough. Cinderfur was killed by Greencough. Patchpelt was killed by smoke inhalation. Halftail was killed by smoke inhalation. Yellowfang was killed by smoke inhalation.

What age is Warrior Cats for?

The Warriors series, written for emergent readers aged 8 and up, is one of the best in the history of children’s literature. If you’re a parent concerned about the content your children are reading, I applaud you!

How do you explain warrior cats?

Warriors are cats who have been trained in the arts of fighting and hunting, and who provide a Clan with the protection and food supply that keeps it safe and well-fed. Warriors are typically made at or over the age of twelve moons.

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What is the best order to read warrior cats?

Order of the Warrior Cats Series:

  1. Warrior Cats.
  2. Warriors: The Prophecies Begin.
  3. Warriors: The New Prophecy.
  4. Warriors: The Power of Three.
  5. Warriors: Omen of the Stars.
  6. Warriors: Dawn of the Clans.
  7. Warriors: A Vision of Shadows.

Which order should I read warrior cats?

Official order of the books in the Warriors series

  • Into the Wild. by Erin Hunter. Book – 2004.
  • Fire and Ice. by Erin Hunter. Book – 2004.
  • Forest of Secrets. by Erin Hunter. Book – 2004.
  • Rising Storm. by Erin Hunter.
  • A Dangerous Path. by Hunter, Erin.
  • The Darkest Hour. by Hunter, Erin.
  • Moonrise. by Hunter, Erin.

Which Warrior Cats book should I read first?

The first original arc written for Warriors (The Prophecies Begin) is where most people begin because it introduces them to the world; if you want to start there, the first book is ‘Into the Wild.’

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