Quick Answer: What Is Conrad Black’s Award Winning Books?

Wrong Way: The Fall of Conrad Black Wins National Business Book Award

Wrong Way: The Fall of Conrad Black by Jacquie McNish and Sinclair Stewart wins the 2004 National Business Book Award, which is celebrating its twentieth anniversary. Finalists for the award included Joel Bakan, Peter Hadekel, Keith McArthur, and Peter McArthur.

Does Conrad Black own the National Post?

The National Post is a Canadian English-language broadsheet daily newspaper published Tuesdays through Saturdays by Postmedia Network. It was founded in 1998 by Conrad Black and is no longer distributed in Canada’s Atlantic provinces and territories.

Who is Conrad Black married to?

Conrad Black, full name Conrad Moffat Black, Lord Black of Crossharbour, is a Canadian-born British businessman who founded Hollinger International, one of the world’s largest newspaper conglomerates, in the 1990s.

Is Globe and Mail conservative?

The Globe and Mail takes a more center-right, red-tory editorial stance than its competitor, the Toronto Star, and is less socially liberal.

Who owns Torstar?

NordStar Capital LP is a private equity firm based in New York.

Who were Barbara Amiel’s husbands?

Lord Black gave up his Canadian citizenship when he became a British peer in 2001, but he returned to Canada after his release from a Florida prison, where he had been sentenced to 78 months after his conviction.

Is Conrad Black married?

It has been 80 years since the 4th of December, 1940.

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