Question: What Numbers Are The Anamorph Books?

The Change

The Change is the thirteenth book in the Animorphs series by author K.A. Applegate, and it is the third book narrated by Tobias and the second book with Tobias as the sole narrator. This article is written from a Real World perspective.

Official Description

Tobias is about to make a very important decision, one that neither the other Animorphs nor Ax are aware of, and one that could mean the difference between being a hawk…and being human.

Plot Summary

Two Hork-Bajir are pursued by human-Controllers on dirt bikes, ATVs, and pick-up trucks. One is led to safety, but the other trips and falls into a ditch. Tobias and Rachel decide to assist them because they are enemies of the Yeerks chasing them. Ax and Tobias are chosen to deal with the Hork-Bajir. Rachel morphs into him to lead the Yeerks on a wild goose chase.
Tobias suspects foul play after seeing visions of tracker Taxxons hunting Hork-Bajir. Animorphs hide Jara Hamee and Ket Halpak in a hidden valley. Tobias, who sees himself as a hybrid of human and hawk, meets the Ellimist. The Animorphs have revealed their true forms to the Hork-Bajir. Jara and Ket state that they would rather be dead than enslaved, which Rachel agrees

Major/Highlighted Events

The Ellimist saves two Hork-Bajir, Jara Hamee and Ket Halpak, from the Yeerk pool, and Tobias decides to help them because they are the only two non-enslaved Hork Bajir in the galaxy. Tobias is transported back in time to the night before he received his powers, and he can morph into his human self for two hours at a time.

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Jake is a Siberian Tiger, a Peregrine Falcon, and a Wolf, while Rachel is a Bald Eagle, Hork-Bajir (Jara Hamee), and a Grizzly Bear, while Cassie is a Great Horned Owl, an Osprey, and a Wolf, and Marco is a Silverback Gorilla (Big Jim).


Following The Alien, this is the second book in the series to feature a human on the cover, marking the first time an Animorph acquires and morphs a creature not native to Earth, as well as Tobias’ second time traveling into the past.


Ax tells the Animorphs that Hork-Bajir can’t swim in The Message, and Tobias reveals that he was told his father left before he was born and that his mother abandoned him in Back to Before. Jake tells Tobias and Rachel that there are six enemies closing in on them in Back to Before.

International Covers

Ediciones B in Spain published a combined edition of books 13-15 with a Spanish cover.

How many Animorph books are there?

Thanks to the Reddit Animorphs forum, all 54 books in the Animorphs series are now free to download in both ePub and PDF format for those in need of entertaining books to read while in quarantine.

What is the last Animorph book?

The Beginning is the 54th and final book in the Animorphs series, and unlike other Animorphs books in the main series, but like the Megamorphs, it features narration from all characters rather than just one.

What age are the Animorph books for?

The main characters are teenagers who are dealing with mature issues that may go over the heads of younger children, as well as some violence as the characters fight the aliens in each book. Ultimately, it is up to you, but the Animorphs series was written for preteens aged 9 to 12.

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Did Animorphs ever end?

But I figured the Animorphs should go out fighting, just like they came in. So, here it is, at long last: the conclusion to the Animorphs story, which began in the summer of 1996 and ended in the summer of 2001.

Does Tobias ever become human again?

Tobias then finds himself in another plane, where he sees himself as a hybrid of human and hawk; the Ellimist restores Tobias’ ability to morph at that point, but does not return him to human form.

What does a Yeerk look like?

The Yeerks are a sapient parasitic alien species that looks like a slug and is grayish in color. They crawl into another species’ brain and take control of everything it does.

What Animorph is David?

David was a human who discovered the morphing cube and became the seventh Animorph, but he quickly turned sociopathic, attempting to betray and later murder the Animorphs, deriving pleasure from his actions, and even killing Saddler in order to morph into him and live his life.

What level are Goosebumps books?

It was easy for me to devour the books as a child and as an adult because they are written at a 3rd to 7th grade level, the chapters are a few pages each, and most, if not all, of the chapters end with a cliffhanger.

How do the Animorph books end?

The war ends on a cliffhanger in Book 53, so the rest of the book is about the aftermath, and it’s a terribly depressing aftermath. Jake orders his cousin Rachel to be killed as the final step in his master plan to defeat the Yeerks.

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Are Yeerks real?

The Yeerks are a parasitic species of slug-like creatures that rely on host bodies to see, walk, and communicate, and they’ve made it their mission to enslave other species throughout the galaxy.

What happened to Aximili?

Despite this, the Blade Ship shot down the Andalites fighting in the “tail” of the dome ship, and Aximili crashed into the Pacific Ocean, still inside the separated dome.

What is the one in Animorphs?

The One is a far more powerful entity than a standard life form, but not quite as powerful as an Ellimist or Crayak. He is the last member of a race known as the Eondero, who were at war with a race known as theCaladon, and he was a scientist working on a top-secret project known as thecollection device.

How old is Jake from Animorphs?

Jake’s age is revealed to be 16, implying that the Animorphs started the war when they were 13 years old. Jake’s original name was Matt, and he was supposed to have a younger brother named Joseph.

How long is Animorphs?

The wildly popular series by K.A. Applegate is back! The first six books of Animorphs return, with striking new lenticular covers that morph, and the average reader will spend 2 hours and 6 minutes reading this book at 250 WPM (words per minute).

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