Question: What Can You Spray On Old Books?

How To Clean Books: Remove Stains, Mold, and Dirt From Old Books

If you’re cleaning old books, you’ll need to know how to take better care of them than you ever have before.

1. Take Stock

If you want to replace a book’s cover, dust jacket, or dust jacket, you’ll need a strategy. Identify the book’s most serious issues and make sure you won’t harm it. Test any cleaning supplies you want to use on small, insignificant pieces.

2. Get The Dirt First

When it comes to how to clean books, dirt is the low-hanging fruit: a gentle (!!) vacuum and a soft paintbrush or unused soft toothbrush are all you’ll need. Document cleaning pads are also a good option for getting caked dirt off a book.

Mold and Mildew

The “old book smell” is mostly mildew, which is bad for your books and bad for your health. Place a sheet of wax paper under moldy or moldy pages before treating the rest of the book.


Greasy book pages can result in a greasy book, but it won’t stay there. Place a paper towel between greasy pages and place weight on top of it; the paper towel will absorb the grease within hours or days.


A stint in the freezer will make it easier to pop that gunk off the page with a razor. Grime is any gross stuff that you can feel when you run your finger over it. Food residue is some of the worst of this category, but it’s not the only culprit.

How do you get smell out of old books?

Place a cup of baking soda or an opened box in a plastic box or bin with a lid, then place the book in the box with the baking soda and close the lid. Wait 48-72 hours, then check on the book.

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How do you clean books that have been stored in storage?

How to Disinfect Old Books

  1. Place a thin cloth over the vacuum hose to reduce suction power.
  2. Lay the book flat.
  3. Begin at the cover and gently brush the entire book with the toothbrush to loosen dirt.
  4. Vacuum each page.
  5. Remove any marks or dirt with a rubber eraser.

Do old books carry germs?

According to Dr. David, books are no better hosts for bacteria and viruses than many other objects. While there have been reports of herpes on certain high-circulation books, no one has reported being infected by them.

Can old books make you sick?

Experts on the various fungi that feed on the pages and covers of books are increasingly convinced that sniffing old books can get you high–or at the very least a little wacky–because fungus on books is a likely source of hallucinogenic spores, they say.

How do you bind an old book at home?

Loose Pages Edition: How to Fix Book Binding

  1. Gather Supplies.
  2. Cut Your Binder Tape.
  3. Brush One Side of the Tape with Adhesive and Attach the Tape to the Text Block.
  4. Set the Loose Pages Aside.
  5. Apply Your Glue.
  6. Stick Your Pages Back on the Spine.
  7. Add Some Heavy Stuff and Let the Book Dry.

How do you restore old books at home?

How to Restore an Old Book (with Pictures)

  1. Restore the book block.
  2. Replace the old cloth with a new one to strengthen the binding.
  3. If necessary, make new letters using a Ludlow machine for typesetting followed by a Kensol stamping press.
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What do you do with old books?

If you’re in a similar situation, here are ten ideas for repurposing your old books.

  • Bring your gently used books to your local library.
  • Donate to a local charity.
  • Make some gift tags.
  • Recycle your unusable books.
  • Sell or give them away online.
  • Create a “Free Books” box.

What kills the smell of mildew?

Fill a spray bottle halfway with distilled white vinegar and set aside for several hours. Soak an abrasive sponge in hot water and dip it in baking soda before scrubbing the mildew away.

How do you get the musty smell out of paper and books?

Place crumpled newsprint on top of the documents, close the container, and leave the documents inside overnight. If the documents still smell musty the next day, place them on a flat surface and sprinkle talcum powder on them overnight.

Does musty smell always mean mold?

Mold and mildew can release foul-smelling gases when they grow in the presence of moisture or water. Mold spores grow quickly in the presence of moisture or water and can develop within 24 to 48 hours in the right conditions.

Can moldy books be saved?

Moldy, superficially cleaned books of some value that you don’t want to have professionally treated can be stored dry in dry air-tight containers if necessary, pending other use or steps, once cleaned as much as you can clean them.

How do you get the musty smell out of old comics?

To remove unpleasant odors, place a stinky comic book in a plastic zip bag with charcoal briquettes or baking soda. To absorb musty odors, sprinkle baking soda over the comic book and leave it overnight. Brush off the baking soda the next day.

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How do you preserve old Bibles?

Store Bibles for safekeeping by slipping them into a resealable plastic bag and adding 2 to 3 small pouches of dessicant (silica gel), which absorbs moisture. Seal the bags. Keep old family Bibles out of direct sunlight, which can cause paper and bindings to yellow and fade, becoming brittle over time.

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