Question: What Books Do Alex Rider Make?

Alex Rider (character)

Alex Rider is the main character in British author Anthony Horowitz’s Alex Rider novel series; he was portrayed by Alex Pettyfer in the film adaptation of Stormbreaker, and he is portrayed by Otto Farrant in the Amazon Prime TV series.


Alex’s last name is based on the Bond girl Honeychile Rider from the novel Dr. No. Alex was originally supposed to have dark hair, but due to surveys showing that teenage girls prefer blonde boys, he went with fair hair.

About the character

Alex was born on February 12, 1987, making him 14 at the start of the series; before becoming an MI6 agent, he aspired to be a professional football player; now, he is undecided about his future plans.

Physical appearance

Alex, who has been described as having ‘the body of an athlete’ and’serious dark eyes,’ as well as fair blond hair and dark blue eyes, and is said to be very popular with girls, is looking for a new foster carer.

Jack Starbright

Jack leaves Alex to care for her father in Scorpia Rising and joins Alex on an MI6 mission.

Sabina Pleasure

Sabina Pleasure is one of Alex’s closest friends; they met at the Wimbledon Tennis Championships and Alex believes he will never see her again, but she shows up at the end of Snakehead to have dinner with him.

Mrs. Lale “Tulip” Jones

Mrs. Jones is first introduced as his deputy when she briefed him for his first mission, and she expresses great concern for Alex’s situation, protesting that he is not to be used again while admitting that he is useful. Mrs. Jones tells Alex that if he wants to be involved in missions, he can join; if he refuses of his own accord, she assures him that his wishes will be respected.

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Yassen Gregorovich

In Stormbreaker, Alex first met Gregorovich, the Russian contract killer who murdered his uncle; in Eagle Strike, it is revealed that he worked with Alex’s father John 15 years prior, and that he also arranged for Alex to participate in bullfighting rather than be shot by his hireling.

Tom Harris

Tom Harris is Alex’s best friend at Brookland High School. He is first introduced in Scorpia, when he and Alex are on vacation in Venice, and later becomes Alex’s most trusted ally and confidant. In Crocodile Tears, he assisted Alex in escaping from Leonard Straik’s guards.


Stormbreaker (September 4, 2000), Skeleton Key (July 8, 2002), Eagle Strike (April 7, 2003), and Scorpia Rising (April 5, 2011) are among the band’s hits.

Supplementary books

The Gadgets (Alex Rider, October 17, 2005).

Short stories

Christmas at Gunpoint (January 1, 2007), Incident in Nice (November 9, 2009), and Secret Weapon (February 9, 2003) are three films starring Alex Rider.

Video games

Stormbreaker (Alex Rider, September 25, 2006).


Alex Pettyfer, who was chosen from 500 applicants to play Alex Rider in the 2006 film Stormbreaker, received martial arts training from Donnie Yen and horseback riding training in preparation for the role.

Television series

He was 22 years old when the first series was shot, and he played a high school student in the show, which is produced by Eleventh Hour Films and Sony Pictures Television.


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What is the 6 book of Alex Rider?

Kindle Edition of Ark Angel (Alex Rider Book 6)

Does Alex Rider TV series follow the books?

Book fans will recognize that Sony’s new Alex Rider TV show is based on ‘Point Blanc,’ the second of Anthony Horowitz’s hugely successful teen spy thriller novels, which features a desolate mountain setting and a high-stakes snowboard chase. That’s not to say the TV adaptation is entirely faithful.

What is the 11 Alex Rider book?

In under a minute, you can start reading Never Say Die (Alex Rider Book 11) on your Kindle.

Which book is Alex Rider nightshade?

Nightshade is the twelfth book in the Alex Rider series, and it will be released in the United Kingdom and the United States on April 7, 2020.

What is the next Alex Rider book?

Nightshade, the new Alex Rider novel, was released in April 2020, and there is also a new book for World Book Day this year u2013 Undercover, as well as a collection of short stories called Secret Weapon.

Will there be a 13th Alex Rider book?

Anthony Horowitz, the bestselling author of the Alex Rider series, recently announced that his new book, Nightshade, will be released in April 2020. Nightshade is the 13th novel in the Alex Rider series collection.

Who is Alex Rider’s girlfriend?

Sabina Pleasure is a fifteen-year-old girl with dark hair, bright blue eyes, and freckles who becomes Alex Rider’s close friend when they meet at the Wimbledon Tennis Championships in the novel Skeleton Key.

Who killed Ian in Alex Rider?

Ian is shot and killed by Yassen Gregorovich, who was working for Sayle, after being sent on a mission to Cornwall to investigate middle-eastern billionaire Herod Sayle. Stormbreaker begins with Alex being woken up at three a.m. to be informed of his death.

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Is the Alex Rider series on Netflix?

Today is the last day to watch Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker on Netflix!

Is Jack in Alex Rider dead?

In Alex’s most recent mission, the enemy kills Jack, leaving him more alone than ever, even though MI6 appears to be done with him.

What should I read if I like Alex Rider?

If You’re a Fan of Alex Rider…

  • Traitor is the first book in Andy McNab’s Traitor series.
  • Spartan Series by Michael Ford.
  • Sure Fire by Jack Higgins.
  • Ranger’s Apprentice Series by John Flanagan.
  • The Door of No Return by Sarah Mussi.
  • Maximum Ride Series by James Patterson.
  • Thieves Like Us by Stephen Cole.

What school does Alex Rider go to?

Alex is currently a Year 10 student at Brookland Comprehensive School.

How does Alex Rider nightshade end?

The book ends with Alex escaping and moving to San Francisco with Sabina’s family, with the strong implication that he is forever changed and will never return to his spy life; a follow-up novel, Never Say Die, is set in the Middle East.

When did Alex Rider nightshade come out?

Following Alex Rider as he infiltrates a terrorist hideout in Afghanistan, fights to prevent an assassination attempt at a ski resort over Christmas, and much more, Secret Weapon expands the world of Alex Rider with more thrilling action and pulse-pounding heroics, inspired by Horowitz’s millions of fans worldwide.

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