Question: What Age Range Are Louis Lamore Books For?

“My friend,” he said, “I do not know what else I shall leave my son, but if I have left him a love of language, of literature, a taste for Homer, for the poets, the people who have told our story – and by ‘our’ I mean the story of mankind – then he will have legacy enough.” . . . The Lonesome Gods

Hardy and Betty Sue were left with only a horse and a knife to face the long battle against the wilderness after Mary Breydon’s Virginia home burned to ashes during the Civil War. Echo Sackett was young and a woman, and had never been far from the valley. Tyrel Sackett was born to trouble, but vowed to justice. After having to kill a man in Tennessee, he hit the trail west with his brother Orrin.

What type of books did Louis L’Amour write?

L’Amour also dabbled in historical fiction with The Walking Drum, set in the 11th century, a contemporary thriller with Last of the Breed, and science fiction with The Haunted Mesa. He went on to write over 100 novels and over 250 short stories, selling over 320 million copies of his work as of 2010.

Are Louis Lamour books clean?

I had the impression that they were all quite clean; it’s been years since I read a lot of his books, but I don’t recall anything. I second The Lonesome Gods.

What is Louis L’Amour famous for?

Louis L’Amour, real name Louis Dearborn Lamoore, pseudonym Tex Burns, or Jim Mayo, (born March 22, 1908, Jamestown, North Dakota, United Statesu2014died June 10, 1988, Los Angeles, California), American author, best-selling author of more than 100 books, the majority of which were formula westerns that were highly popular because of their well-written plots.

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Who is the best Western author?

Elmer Kelton is known as “The Greatest Western Author of All Time.”

  • Elmer Kelton was named “the greatest Western author of all time” by Western Writers of America in 1995, despite stiff competition from Owen Wister, Zane Grey, and Louis L’Amour.
  • Ranger’s Trail, his 40th novel, was recently published by Forge Books.

What Louis L’Amour books became movies?

Filmography of Louis L’Amour

  • The Diamond of Jeru (unproduced) Universal USA.
  • The Empty Land (unproduced) Sony/TNT.
  • Crossfire Trail (1/21/2001) TNT.
  • Shaughnessy (1996) CBS.
  • Conagher (7/01/1991) TNT.
  • Last of the Breed (unproduced) TriStar/Miramax.

Is Louis L’Amour a good writer?

Louis Dearborn L’Amour was a prolific American frontier writer who is widely regarded as one of the best western writers of all time; his books have sold over 300 million copies worldwide, and more than 45 of his stories have been adapted into feature films and television movies, according to his publishers.

Is Louis L’Amour dead?

Barnabas Sackett, the patriarch of L’Amour’s Sackett family, is born in the Fens of Cambridgeshire in East Anglia and eventually settles with his wife Abigail (nu00e9e Tempany) in what will become the borderlands of North Carolina and Tennessee.

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