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Joseph Delaney

Joseph Delaney is the author of the Brother Wulf series, the latest of which, Wulf’s Bane, will be released in May 2021. If you have any questions or would like to ask me something, please contact me.

Where is Joseph Delaney from?

The Wardstone Chronicles ended in 2014, and The Starblade Chronicles began in 2015, a trilogy following the adventures of Tom Ward, who has completed his apprenticeship and is now a Spook in his own right, dedicated to fighting an unparalleled evil that threatens the County.

Is Joseph Delaney married?

Delaney is an American science fiction author who has written several books and short stories. He is married to Athi Ranee Vannithamby from Singapore and has three children and grandchildren from his previous marriage.

Do Tom and Alice get together?

Yes, they are together for the time being! There will be another book out next year that isn’t part of the Spook’s series but does feature Tom and Alice, as well as an appearance from Grimalkin, but with a new narrator.

What other names does JP Delaney write under?

J.P. Delaney is a pen name for Tony Strong, a Ugandan-born British author who has also written popular novels under the pen name Anthony Capella.

How many books are in the arena 13 series?

Kindle Edition of Arena 13 (three-book series).

What are spooks?

(First of two entries) 1: ghost, specter; 2: undercover agent: spy.

What age are the spooks books for?

This series would appeal to children and young adults aged 11 and up, in my opinion.

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Is Joseph Delaney alive?

Alice is a powerful witch, capable of rivaling the Eld Witch, who can use rune magic such as Frei, Vile, Biota, Supra, Volc, and Thun to create an entire new kingdom out of candy.

Is Alice the fiends daughter?

The Fiend is also known for having witches bear him children in order to spread more darkness throughout the land; he murdered Grimalkin’s child, giving her reason to try to destroy him; Alice Deane is one of the Fiend’s children.

Does Alice become a malevolent witch?

However, when Alice meets Lukrasta in The Spook’s Revenge, she dismisses Tom and begins a relationship with him, leaving Tom devastated; however, it appears that these two are destined to be together no matter how dark things get; the scratch later vanishes when Alice transforms into a malevolent witch.

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