Often asked: What Books Has Judy Blume Written?

11 Best Judy Blume Books for Readers of All Ages

Blume’s most famous book, Are You There, God? It’s Me, Margaret, is being made into a film; she is best known for tween fiction, but she has written books for people of all ages, including The Summer Sisters, one of the best adult beach reads.

What is the order of Judy Blume books?

Judy Blume is a well-known author.

  • Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great (1972)
  • Superfudge (1980)
  • Fudge-a-mania (1990)
  • Double Fudge (2002)
  • Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great (1972)
  • Otherwise Known as She

What is Judy Blume’s favorite book she wrote?

I went from one to the next, but the first, Martha Quest, remains my favorite. My husband, George, was the one who introduced me to them.

What is Judy Blume’s most famous for?

Judy Blume, best-selling author of children’s books and young-adult novels such as “Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing” and “Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret,” is born in Elizabeth, New Jersey on February 12, 1938.

What happened to Judy Blume?

Judy Blume continues to write for children and adults, and she is also involved in a new project adapting her earlier children’s novels into home videos. She divorced her first husband and now lives in Key West, Florida, with her second husband, George Cooper, who is also a writer. They married in 1987. Judy Blume continues to write for children and adults, and she is also involved in a new project adopting her earlier children’s novels into home videos.

What Judy Blume book should I read first?

Judy Blume’s first children’s book, The One in the Middle Is the Green Kangaroo, was published in 1969, and her bestselling novels have since guided readers from childhood to adulthood, addressing important issues with wisdom and candor.

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Which Judy Blume book is first?

Judy’s first Fudge book, Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, was published in 1972, and she is thrilled to be celebrating its 30th anniversary with the release of Double Fudge. Just as generations of fans have enjoyed the Fudge books, Judy’s family has inspired them.

What age are Judy Blume books suitable for?

Judy Blume u2013 Ages 9 to 12: Books on Amazon.com.

What age are Judy Blume Fudge books for?

Fudge 5 book collection set by Judy Blume – Ages 7-9 – Paperback

What was Judy Blume’s last book?

u201cIt sold 600,000 copies net,u201d Baron boasts. Blume also claims that u201cIn the Unlikely Eventu201d will be her final big book, in addition to swearing that this is her final tour.

What is Judy Blume’s favorite color?

Purple is your favorite color.

How old is Judy Blume now?

Blume, who is now 83, no longer writes books and instead works to combat book censorship for libraries and the nonprofit bookstore she co-founded with her husband in Key West.

Is Judy Blume still popular?

Blume’s books have now sold over 85 million copies worldwide, and her popularity appears to be growing with the passage of time, as the movie rights for Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret were confirmed in October last year, just as Tiger Eyes was adapted for the big screen in 2012.

Is Judy Blume books appropriate?

Judy Blume’s books tackle difficult topics and provide students with a place to read about important issues. The narrator of this book is a fifth grader, and the book is appropriate for fifth graders, so the issues in the book will be issues that the reader is facing.

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