Often asked: What Books Did Jessa Obould In?


In the mid-u201314th century DR[citation needed], King Obould Many-Arrows was an orc king of the Broken Arrow tribe and later an exarch of Gruumsh.


Obould, a large orc who was intelligent even by human standards, was the founder of Many-Arrows. He was able to see things in a far broader perspective than any orc before him, which led to a change in orcish society under his leadership.


Obould feared that his eight sons, Araug Kroll Brymoel, Scrauth, Urlgen Threefist Ugreth, and others, would destroy everything he had built in their quest to succeed him.


Obould fought in a ridged suit of black plate armor with numerous spikes and decorations, wielding a magical greatsword enchanted to catch fire at will, and a black iron crown with four large rubies set into it, each capable of generating a large fireball.


In 1367 DR, Oobould was the orc king of the Citadel of Many Arrows, which he lost when an orc horde led by King Greneire attacked the Citadel. Obould fled the battle due to grievous wounds received in the fighting, and retreated to Dark Arrow Keep. Obould Many-Arrows’ son, Urlgen Threefist, was killed in combat by Drizzt Do’Urden in 1409 DR

What book did Drizzt get Andahar?

Andahar was already in Drizzt’s Gauntlgrym book, according to wiki, and it was a gift from Silverymoon. Catti-Brie’s training with Alustriel was also never shown, as far as I know; we only know that it took place between “The Orc King” and “The Ghost King.”

Who kills obould?

Obould began to lose control of his chieftains after the Darkening in the Year of the Awakened Sleepers, 1484 DR, and was assassinated by the drow assassin Belween, who had disguised himself as the orc prince Lorgru, who had been kidnapped previously, under the orders of Tiago Baenre and Ravel Xorlarrin.

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How does Obould Many Arrows die?

Obould Many-Arrows died peacefully in his old age in 1409 DR, and was raised to godhood as an exarch in Nishrek by Gruumsh. However, his legacy on Toril remained, and by 1479 DR Many-Arrows had established itself as a major power in the North.

What book does Bruenor battlehammer die?

Bruenor is the adoptive father of a human female named Catti-brie and the Barbarian Wulfgar in the Forgotten Realms 4th edition version of the game.

Will there be a Drizzt Do Urden?

Drizzt Do’Urden is a drow, a dark-skinned race of elves in the lore of DandD’s Forgotten Realms setting, and his story began in the late 1980s with author R.A. Salvatore.

How did entreri lose Charon’s Claw?

Surprisingly, Entreri did not keel over on the spot and continued to live. Catti-Brie descended into the primordial’s pit on a theory and discovered Charon’s Claw had not been destroyed or even damaged by its trip to the fire primordial.

Who killed the Orc King?

Gothmog was the Witch-King of Angmar’s second-in-command from Minas Morgul in the Third Age, notably at the Battle of the Pelennor Fields, where he assumed command of all 7,000 or so Orcs after the Witch-king was slain by Eowyn and Merry.

When was Gauntlgrym reclaimed?

After Gauntlgrym was reclaimed in the late 15th/sup> century DR, it became an anthem for the city, which was commonly sung by dwarves on their way to the city.

What is the order of RA Salvatore books?

Order of reading:

  • Homeland (The Dark Elf Trilogy)
  • Exile (The Dark Elf Trilogy)
  • Sojourn (The Dark Elf Trilogy)
  • The Crystal Shard (The Icewind Dale Trilogy)
  • Streams of Silver (The Icewind Dale Trilogy)
  • The Halfling’s Gem (The Icewind Dale Trilogy)
  • The Legacy (The Legacy of the Drow Tetralogy)
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Does Drizzt marry Catti brie?

They were happily married for eight years before her death, and after her reincarnation, she and Drizzt married again, with Catti-brie becoming pregnant with their first child.

Is Gauntlgrym Mithral Hall?

Gauntlgrym begins in the dwarven complex of Mithral Hall in the year 1409 DR.

How old is athrogate?

Athrogate explained to Jarlaxle (perhaps jokingly) that he had been cursed by a wizard to live a long life and never forget the hardships he had endured; as a result, despite the fact that few dwarves lived to be 300 years old, Athrogate was around 370 years old.

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