Often asked: In The Books What Happens To Daenerys?

‘Winds of Winter’ will explain Dany’s madness in 1 way the show never could

Fans of Game of Thrones were left unsatisfied by Daenerys Targaryen’s sudden descent into madness in Season 8. George R.R. Martin is currently working on The Winds of Winter, the sixth book in the A Song of Ice and Fire series.

Daenerys’ transformation has a foundation in the books

Daenerys Targaryen’s path to the throne has been detailed in the books; in A Clash of Kings, she obsesses over prophethood and hears voices from the dead; she’s paranoid and distrustful, fearful that those closest to her will betray her. Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin is currently working on the sixth book in the series, The Winds of Winter.

How does Daenerys Targaryen die in the books?

Jon tells Daenerys that she will be his queen forever as the two kiss, before stabbing her in the heart with his dagger. Weeping, Jon holds Daenerys in his arms as she dies, and Drogon flies into the throne room while he cradles her body.

Does Daenerys go mad in books?

Of course, the show strayed from the GRRM books, especially once it reached season 5, which loosely follows A Dance with Dragons. I’ve seen some people say they believe Dany will go insane, but the majority of those readers admit to despising her.

Is Daenerys different in the books?

The majority of Dany’s arc throughout the series, including her time with the Dothraki and her conquest in Slaver’s Bay, is book accurate, and manages to capture her character’s essence.

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How did Arya Stark die?

Sandor reminds Arya that, as much as she despises him, she could have been kidnapped by far worse; he tells her about Sansa and how he rescued her from a mob that was planning to rape her in every way before slitting her throat and leaving her to die.

Is Daenerys Targaryen evil?

She had the potential to be far more cruel than she was in many situations, but she never did so because she isn’t evil and doesn’t enjoy suffering, so the showrunners’ posthumous portrayal of Daenerys as an inherently villainous character doesn’t work.

Why is Daenerys hated?

She’s a powerful, compassionate, and intelligent leader who makes contradictory decisions, conflates revenge with justice, makes emotional decisions despite her intelligence, and doesn’t care about the morality of the men she bangs as long as they’re hot and have swag, resulting in both haters and supporters.

Is Jon Snow immune to fire?

No, Jon Snow is not immune to fire; in season 1, episode 8, he fought with a wight to protect Lord Commander Mormont, throwing a burning lamp at the wight and being burned by fire in the process.

Why did Dany turn evil?

Yes, Daenerys has used fire and her dragons to exact vengeance and punishment in the past, but everyone she burned was either evil or an enemy until season 7, when the warlock Pryat Pree attempted to imprison her and her dragons in order to use them as a source of magic.

Is Daenerys dead in the books?

The most contentious ending for a character was that of Daenerys Targaryen, who, in her quest for the Iron Throne, went insane and burned down the city, killing countless innocent people before being killed by Jon Snow. In the books, Daenerys’ darker side shines through more frequently.

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Is Daenerys pretty in the books?

Daenerys Targaryen has long, beautiful blonde/silver hair on the show, which is one of the reasons why her character is so beautiful; however, Dany doesn’t have such long, beautiful hair in the books because it all burned off. That’s right, ol’ Dany was once a baldie.

How old is Daenerys?

Dany is slightly older in the TV series, and is thought to be 16 when she meets Khal; in the novel, she is around 22 when she is killed by Jon Snow, but on the show, she would be around 25 when she is stabbed to death.

Did Jon Snow and Daenerys sleep together in the books?

Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen acted on their flirtations and slept together in the Season 7 finale, in a twist that many fans expected (and feared). The writers and directors intercut their sex scene with flashes to Bran and Sam, as they pieced together undeniable proof that they are related.

What happened to Daenerys baby?

Mirri was supposed to use Drogo’s horse as a sacrifice, but when she starts chanting, Daenerys feels sharp pains in her stomach and collapses, giving birth. When she wakes up, she learns that Mirri’s blood magic has rendered Khal Drogo unconscious, and she has lost her baby, Rhaego.

Is Daenerys the last Targaryen?

Princess Daenerys Targaryen, also known as Daenerys Stormborn, is one of House Targaryen’s last confirmed members, along with her older brother Viserys, who refers to her as Dany.

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