How To Footnote Books? (Question)

The most fundamental format for referencing a book

  1. An example of a book’s footnotes is as follows:
  2. A. Author, Title of Book in Italics: Subtitle in Italics, edition number, Place of Publication (including city), Publisher (including year), and page number.
  3. For example:
  4. L. Hunt, History: Why it Matters, Newark: Polity Press, 2018, p.


Can you footnote A whole book?

Single-author books should always be credited as a whole in APA Style, even if you just quote or paraphrase from a single chapter of the book. If a single-author book is a collection of stand-alone works (for example, a collection of short tales), you should reference each individual work according to MLA Style.

How do you footnote a book in MLA?

Footnotes are notes that appear at the bottom of the page, or at the foot of the page. Two double spaces below the text marks the beginning of their section. Footnotes are single-spaced, but you must double-space between them to have them appear properly. A solid line across the page two spaces below the text and the continuation of the note two spaces below the line should be used if a note extends over the following page.

How do you footnote a book chapter?

The very first footnote When you quote a chapter from an edited book for the first time, the footnote should include the following information: Name of the author and the title of a chapter in the book Title, ed. Name(s) of the editor(s), publication location (publisher, year), and page number (s).

How do you footnote an ebook?

For the most part, the basic style employs superscript numerals in the text to indicate the presence of a footnote in which you offer the pertinent information for the source you’re referencing. When it comes to an ebook, this comprises either the format in which it is available or the URL where it may be found: Author’s name, title (city of publication: publisher, year), format/URL, and publication information.

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How do you footnote a book online?

According to the Internet: Author. Subtitle is the title of the e-book. Publisher and year of first publication are listed as the publication’s location.

What is a footnote example?

In a document, footnotes are remarks that are inserted at the bottom of the page. They provide references or make comments on a specific section of the text above them. For example, suppose you want to add a thought-provoking comment to a sentence you’ve written, but the comment isn’t immediately linked to the main point of the paragraph.

Are footnotes used in MLA?

The Modern Language Association opposes the widespread use of explanatory or digressive notes. Bibliographic notes that allude to further publications that your readers may find useful are permitted to be included in endnotes or footnotes according to MLA style, however. As an illustration, consider the following: 1.

Does Chicago use footnotes?

Explanatory or digressive notes are discouraged by the Modern Language Association. Bibliographic comments that allude to further publications that your readers may find useful are permitted to be included in endnotes or footnotes in MLA style. A few instances include the following. 1.

How do you use Ibid?

When mentioning a source that you have already referenced in a prior footnote, use the abbreviation Ibid. A period is always placed after Ibid. because it is an acronym for ibidem, which means “from the same location.” If you are quoting the same page number as your reference, your footnote should merely include the words Ibid.

How do you cite a book?

When referring a source that was previously referenced in a footnote, use the abbreviation Ibid.. As a result of Ibid. being an abbreviation of ibidem, which means “from the same location,” a period is usually inserted after Ibid. Where more than one page number is used, the footnote should simply contain the words Ibid.

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What is a Chicago style bibliography?

A bibliography in the Chicago style identifies all of the sources that were used in your text. Each bibliographical item begins with the author’s name and the title of the source, followed by the publishing facts that are relevant to the article. The bibliography is organized alphabetically by the last names of the writers.

How do you footnote a Kindle book?

The book’s author(s) are listed below. The book’s working title. Publisher, pages, and year of publication are all given as the publication’s location. Kindle.

How do you cite a Kindle eBook?

The book’s author(s) is/are The book’s title is Publisher, pages, and year of publication are all given as the publication location. Kindle.

How do you cite a Kindle book without page numbers?

Citation inside the text (for a direct quote): If there are no page numbers, paragraph numbers should be used: Count the number of paragraphs and cite them using the (Smith, 2016, para. 20) citation style. Another option is to utilize the chapter title and paragraph number, as in (Smith 2016, “Chapter 5,” paragraph).

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