How To Cite Online Books Apa? (Perfect answer)

You will require the following information about your source in order to establish an e-book citation:

  1. First and Last Name Author(s)’ first and last names
  2. initials and last name of the author(s)
  3. Year of publication
  4. Title of the e-name book
  5. Translator’s (if applicable)
  6. Publisher’s name
  7. DOI or URL (if applicable)
  8. Date of publication ONLY for reissued books: the year in which the original work was first published.

How do you cite an online book in APA 7th edition?


  1. Begin by referencing the book with the author’s last name first.
  2. Next, provide the publication date of the book.
  3. Finally, include both the title and subtitle of the book. The publisher’s name should be included to complete the reference. Page 321 of the 7th edition of the American Psychological Association Manual contains further information on book references.

How DOI cite an online book?

In the words of the author: (Last name, first name). The title of the book. Edition (if available), Publisher (if applicable) (if available), The year in which the online publication was first made available. Web address (without the http:// or https://) or DOI number for a website, database, or other resource.

How do you cite a book in APA 7th edition?

Referencing (Quotation): [of the article’s author’s surname], The first initial of the person’s last name. The second initial is pronounced “Second Initial.” (Year). The title of the article.

How do you cite a Google book?

Make a reference to a book.

  1. On the left-hand side, select About this book. Continue reading until you reach “Bibliographic information.” You’ll find information that can be used to properly cite the book.
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How do you cite a book in APA with no author?

The book title should be used first, followed by the year of release in round brackets, if there is no author or editor listed for the book in question. If an author is also the publisher, use the term “Author” for the name of the publisher in the space ordinarily reserved for the publisher.

How do you APA cite a chapter in a book?

Making a Reference to a Book Chapter: Print version

  1. In-Text Citation (Paraphrase):
  2. (Author’s Last Name of Chapter, year)
  3. In-Text Citation (Direct Quote):
  4. (Author’s Last Name of Chapter, year, page number)
  5. General Format:
  6. In-Text Cit References:
  7. Chapter Last name and first initial of the author. The second initial is pronounced “Second Initial.” (Year). Examples of chapter or article titles are as follows:

How do you cite a book with an edition in APA?

The most fundamental format for referencing a book

  1. Book references should be formatted in the following way:

How do you cite an ibook?

Author’s last name, first name, and middle initial are all included. Book title: Book subtitle: Book edition: Book title: Book subtitle: Book edition Publisher, year of publication, and location of publication.

How do you cite a book?

An author’s last name and first name are the most fundamental elements of a book citation. The title of the book. Publication information includes the city of publication, the publisher, and the date of publication.

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