How Many Left Behind Kids Books Are There? (Best solution)

The Children Have Been Left Behind

The Vanishings (1998)
Publisher Tyndale House
Published 1998–2004
Media type Print (Paperback)
No. of books 40


How many versions of Left behind are there?

Left Behind: The Movie (2000), Left Behind II: Tribulation Force (2002), and Left Behind: World at War (2004) are the three films that comprised the original Left Behind trilogy (2005).

What are the 12 books in the Left Behind series?

(Left Behind Series) 12 Books Left Behind (Left Behind), Babylon Rising (The Remnant), Nicolae (Desecration), Soul Harvest (Apollyon), The Mark (Tribulation Force), Assassins (The Indwelling) The Ascension.

How many books has the Left Behind series sold?

“”””‘ ‘ “LaHaye did, and he did it with considerable success. His Left Behind books have sold around 80 million copies worldwide. In addition, he published around 60 nonfiction volumes, the most of them were devoted to biblical prophecy.”

What order does the Left Behind book series go in?

The Left Behind Book Series is organized chronologically.

  • The Rising, 2005 (prequel)
  • The Regime, 2005 (prequel)
  • The Rapture, 2007 (prequel)
  • Left Behind, 1995.
  • Tribulation Force, 1996.
  • Nicolae, 1997.
  • Soul Harvest, 1998.
  • Apollyon, 1999.
  • Tribulation

Is left behind based on a true story?

“What distinguishes ‘Left Behind’ from other novels is that it is a current narrative that may take place at any time.” Although it is not yet a historical record, it is in some ways, because it is based on a genuine story that hasn’t yet occurred. Consequently, it is critical to us that the central storyline remain intact.”

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Does Netflix have the Left Behind series?

Following the abrupt disappearance of millions of people on Earth, a pilot piloting a plane trapped at 30,000 feet must devise a strategy to secure the survival of his or her passengers. The ensemble of this post-apocalyptic adventure, which takes place during the Rapture, is led by Oscar winner Nicolas Cage.

Is there a sequel to the movie left behind?

Left Behind: World at War is a 2005 American apocalyptic Christian thriller film, and the third installment in the Left Behind film series, which is based on the Left Behind book series. It is the third installment in the Left Behind film series. Prior to its release on DVD and VHS on October 25, 2005, the film had its world premiere at a number of churches on October 21, 2005.

Who is Jerry Jenkins son?

Jerry Bruce Jenkins (born September 23, 1949) is a writer from the United States of America. His most well-known work is the Left Behind series, which he wrote for Tim LaHaye. Jenkins has authored more than 200 books in a variety of genres, including biography, self-help, romance, mystery, and young adult fiction. Jenkins has won several awards for her work.

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