How Many For Dummies Books? (Perfect answer)

In print, there are more than 250 million For Dummies books in circulation, with millions more e-books being downloaded each month.

How many different For Dummies books are there?

The For Dummies Series is a collection of books written for those who don’t know what they’re talking about ( 339 books )

How many Dummies books have been sold?

Today, the publisher counts approximately 2,000 titles, revisions, and foreign editions of Dummies books, with a total sales volume of 200 million copies. All of the books have bright yellow covers and promise to explain a difficult subject in such a straightforward manner that even a doofus can understand it.

Do they still make For Dummies books?

IDG Books (the new name for IDG Books since 2000) published the series until it was bought by John Wiley Sons, Inc. in early 2001, and the series is currently published by John Wiley Sons, Inc.

How effective are the For Dummies books?

The “for dummies” books are incredibly instructive, at the very least, for individuals who are just getting started with programming. They are intended to pique your hunger for learning more and are sufficiently broad in scope to give you a taste of what can be accomplished with a specific language.

Who wrote first For Dummies book?

On the For Dummies podcast, Dan Gookin talked about the beginning of the For Dummies book series. He was the series’ first author, and he was Mr. Gookin. In 1989, Gookin had an idea for a different sort of reference book, but he was having trouble getting it published due to financial constraints.

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Is the For Dummies copyrighted?

Language of Acknowledgement: FOR DUMMIES® is a trademark of Wiley Publishing, Inc. and is used with permission.

Why is it called for dummies?

Among the guiding principles was the notion that “people don’t want to study computers or fall in love with computers; they simply want to receive the answer to that one issue and then move on with their life,” according to Gookin, who spoke via telephone from his home in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. There is substantial disagreement about who was the first to coin the phrase “For Dummies.”

Should babies have Dummies?

People don’t want to master computers or fall in love with computers, Gookin explained, they simply want to obtain an answer to a single issue and then move on with their life. Gookin spoke by phone from his home in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, about the driving principle. Some people believe that the moniker “For Dummies” was coined by a third party.

Who started books?

Johannes Gutenberg developed moveable type in Europe in 1450, in what is widely considered to be an independent invention. He also introduced advancements in type casting, including the use of a matrix and a hand mold, which revolutionized the printing industry. As a result of this development, books were less expensive to manufacture and more readily distributed throughout time.

How do I get a For Dummies book published?

We do not accept unsolicited submissions for books in the For Dummies series since it is against Wiley’s policy. You can email us a copy of your credentials for our records, or you can contact a literary agency who will submit a proposal on your behalf on your behalf. That sounds a lot like pitching any traditional publication, and it is one of the ways to have your work published.

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How old are For Dummies books?

Because of the success of the series since its inception in 1991, it has produced billions of dollars in income. In print, there are more than 250 million For Dummies books in circulation, with millions more e-books being downloaded each month.

What happened to the For Dummies books?

In 2001, Wiley acquired the Dummies brand from IDG. The family of Windows for Dummies volumes, which includes the original DOS book, has remained the best-selling product in the series over the years. Taken all, Gookin has authored over 30 unique titles, not including some that have undergone several revisions over the years.

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