How Many Books In The Name Of The Wind Series? (TOP 5 Tips)

They were published in 2007 and 2011 respectively, with the first two volumes, The Name of the Wind and The Wise Man’s Fear. The novels that have been published so far in the series have sold more than 10 million copies.
The Kingkiller Chronicles are a series of books about a group of people who kill kings. The Kingkiller Chronicles are a series of books about a group of people who kill kings.

The Name of the Wind (2007) The Wise Man’s Fear (2011) The Doors of Stone (TBA)
Language English
Genre Heroic fantasy
Publisher DAW/Penguin Books


How many books will be in Kingkiller Chronicles?

The Kingkiller Chronicle is a fantasy series that is scheduled to consist of three novels — a trilogy – in total. The main character, Kvothe, is an explorer who also happens to be a musician, and the tale of his adventures is told throughout the series.

Is the Name of the Wind series finished?

Even if you’ve read and finished both The Name of the Wind and The Wise Man’s Fear, there are a number of in-universe extra novellas to keep you occupied until the next two books are released. The short tale “How Old Holly Came to Be” was published in the anthology book Unfettered, and it is available online.

Is there a sequel to the name of the wind?

The WISE MAN’S FEAR is the second installment of Patrick Rothfuss’ fantastic fantasy trilogy, which begins with the astonishing THE NAME OF THE WIND and continues with THE WISE MAN’S FEAR. Fans of HBO’s Game of Thrones will find this to be the most intriguing fantasy series since George R.R Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire, and it is a must-read for anybody who enjoys fantasy fiction.

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What is the book The Name of the Wind about?

“This is the story of Kvothe, from his early years as a member of a traveling theater troupe to his years as a near-feral orphan in a crime-ridden metropolis to his daringly brash yet successful attempt to attend a tough and hazardous magic school.”

What type of book is the name of the wind?

Chronicles is a collection of two books that may be found in the Old Testament of the Christian Bible. As recorded in the Septuagint, it was divided into two volumes, and it was first translated in the mid-3rd century BC. Chronicles is referred to in the plural as the Books of Chronicles in Christian settings, which is derived from the Latin word chronicon, which was given to the work by Jerome.

Is there a fourth book in the Kingkiller Chronicles?

According to Rothfuss, “Yes, there will be a fourth book.” “In an ideal world, I’d like to write all kinds of stories about people and places in our world.

Will there be a third Patrick Rothfuss book?

The publication date of The Doors of Stone, Book 3 of the Kingkiller Chronicles, is keenly anticipated by fans as it is the third book in the Patrick Rothfuss series.

Is the name of the wind the first book?

In addition to writing The Kingkiller Chronicle, Patrick Rothfuss is a best-selling novelist. Its debut novel, The Name of the Wind, was a finalist for the Quill Award and was named a Best Book of the Year by Publishers Weekly. The Wise Man’s Fear, the sequel to The Wise Man’s Fear, arrived at number one on The New York Times bestseller list and was awarded the David Gemmell Legend Award.

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Is Denna one of the Chandrian?

Denna is a member of the Chandrian Order, if not one of the seven members of the Order.

Is Name Of The Wind for adults?

Good adult fantasy is comparable to the finest, almost completely free vacation you can take. It’s highly immersive and transports you on a long, arduous journey. That is how this novel is written.

Is Kingkiller Chronicles worth reading?

Reading the Kingkiller Chronicle is enjoyable, but it is a series that is even more enjoyable when re-read several times. The Kingkiller Chronicle volumes are well worth reading, whether for the first time or for the hundredth time. Rothfuss’s style is constantly straightforward while while containing a plethora of diverse meanings. In The Doors of Stone, there are a plethora of story elements that need to be resolved.

Is the name of the wind worth reading?

When it comes to literary excellence, The Name of the Wind is a superb novel. It has a Tolkienesque feel to it, is lyrical, is well written, and is quite detailed. On the surface, it appears like a great deal of effort was put into the first novel, and Patrick Rothfuss may very well be the finest fantasy novelist working today.

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