How Many Books In I Am Number Four Series? (Solved)

In I Am Number Four: The Lost Files: Six’s Legacy, you’ll learn the history of the character Six. Six was traveling across West Texas with her Cêpan, Katarina, before she arrived in Paradise, Ohio, and before she met John Smith. Six’s life would be changed forever as a result of what occurred there…. A total of 15 novels are included in this series.

How many I Am Number 4 books are there?

I Am Number Four, The Power of Six, The Rise of Nine, The Fall of Five, The Revenge of Seven, and The Fate of Ten are just a few of the titles in this collection. This collection contains the first six novels of the New York Times bestseller Lorien Legacies series, which were published in 2009: I Am Number Four: This is the book that started it all… There were nine of us that arrived to this place.

What order do I read the I Am Number Four books?

The following is the order of the readings:

  • I Am Number Four
  • The Power of Six
  • The Rise of Nine
  • The Fall of Five
  • The Revenge of Seven
  • The Fate of Ten
  • United As One
  • Generation One (Lorien Legacies Reborn)
  • I Am Number Four.

What is the last book in the I Am Number Four Series?

Return to Zero is the dramatic end to the saga of the Garde, which began with the international phenomenon I Am Number Four and culminated with the release of Return to Zero.

Will there be another I Am Number Four book?

Alex Pettyfer, the actor who played I Am Number Four in the 2011 film directed by DJ Caruso, shares his thoughts on why he believes a sequel to the film will never be made. The actor Alex Pettyfer offered an open and honest explanation for why he believes a sequel to 2011’s I Am Number Four would never be made.

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How many chapters does I Am Number Four have?

In the book I Am Number Four, chapters 31 and 32 are summarized and analyzed.

Who does six end up with?

Sam Goode is a character in the film Sam Goode. Six has a romantic interest in Sam, and in The Revenge of Seven, the two become a relationship. Six acknowledges that she has a tremendous affection for Sam, although it appears that her affections for John are stronger in Power of Six.

Is there a sequel to Generation One?

Bernie Kosar (also known as Hadley on Lorien and BK or Bernie on Earth) is a Chimra who traveled to Earth with Number Four aboard the ship ‘Number Four’. He kept a close eye on Four until he relocated to Paradise following the death of Number Three, when he manifested himself in the shape of a beagle to protect him.

Is Lorien a real planet?

The planet Lorien serves as the Loric people’s homeworld, and they inhabit it. It is one of eighteen planets known to be capable of supporting life, along with Earth and Mogadore, according to current knowledge. In addition to being the source of the Garde’s Legacies as well as the intellect of the Cêpan, the planet itself contains some kind of consciousness.

What happens to Sam Goode?

It is unclear exactly what happened to Sam when he was locked in the Mogadorian base, although John had visions of him being tormented with hot liquid searing his flesh, which was later confirmed by John.

Why is there no I Am Number Four sequel?

As reported by, screenwriter Noxon stated in 2011 that preparations for an impending sequel had been abandoned owing to the underwhelming success of the first movie at the box office.

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