How Many Books Are There In The Amulet Series? (Question)

There are now eight volumes in the series, with a total of nine books planned for the series in the future.

Amulet (books)
Debut January 1, 2008
Author Kazu Kibuishi
Publisher Scholastic


Is there a book 9 of amulet?

The ninth and last book in the series is titled Amulet 9. It will be revealed after Amulet 9 is completed as to what will happen to Emily in the meanwhile.

How much books are there in amulet?

There are presently eight novels in the Amulet series, all of which were written and illustrated by Kazu Kibuishi and published by Scholastic in the United States.

Is there an amulet book 10?

There will be no book 10 released, which is unfortunate, but the series of novels has come a long way. After this year, Amulet will have been on the market for a total of 15 years, which will be a record!

Is there a book 8 of amulet?

Kazu Kibuishi’s Amulet #8: Supernova is a piece of jewelry (from a Two Thumbs Up reviewer) Because Emily has lost control of her Amulet, she has been imprisoned in the Void, where she must discover a method to free herself from the power of the Voice. You can tell that a lot of thought and creativity went into this book, as well as into the entire Amulet series, when you read it.

What is amulet 9 called?

Kazu Kibuishi’s Untitled (Amulet, #9) is an abstract painting.

Is the Amulet series finished?

According to Kibuishi, “I’m now working on ‘Amulet 9,’ which is the series’ last volume.” Once we get closer to completion, Scholastic Graphix (the publisher) will announce a publication date for it.

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How old is Emily in amulet?

Her maternal great-grandfather, Silas Charnon, died when Emily was twelve years old, and she is the heir to his position as stonekeeper. Emily is also a prominent member of the Guardian Council, which has just three members left.

Will there be a Wings of Fire book 15?

The Lights of Hope are ablaze (Wings of Fire, Book 15) The hardcover edition will be released on April 5, 2022. Find out about all of the novels, as well as the author’s biography and more. One of the best-selling novels in the world, The Lost Continent Prophecy, is now available in a thrilling climax that will leave you breathless!

Is there a dog man 11?

Is there going to be a dog in Man Book 11? Dog Man: Mothering Heights, the third installment in Dav Pilkey’s internationally bestselling Dog Man series, will be released in bookshops on March 23, 2021.

Are they going to make a amulet movie?

In 2020, Romola Garai will write and direct a horror thriller titled Amulet, which will star Carla Juri, Imelda Staunton, and Alec Secareanu, among other actors. On 24 July 2020, it was released in the United States following its world debut at Sundance Film Festival in the year 2020.

What is the 7th amulet book?

The Amulet series continues with Firelight, the seventh volume. Scholastic released the book on February 23, 2016, and it is a chapter book.

Is amulet an anime?

The Amulet series continues with Firelight, the seventh episode in the franchise. Scholastic released the book on February 23, 2016, and it is a children’s picture book.

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