How Many Books Are In The Inkheart Series? (Solved)

There are four fantasy books in the Inkheart series created by German author Cornelia Funke, and they are titled Inkheart (2003), Inkspell (2005), Inkdeath (2007), and The Colour of Revenge (2008). (2021).

Will there be a fourth Inkheart book?

Cornelia Funke revealed on her website in April 2020 that a fourth part of the Inkworld adventures will be published by October 2021, which came as a surprise to many readers at the time. This is the final section of the novel, which is titled Die Farbe der Rache (The Color of Revenge) and is the title of the final chapter.

Is there a inkheart 2?

Inkspell (Inkheart Trilogy, Book 2) (2): Funke, Cornelia: 9780439554015: Books. Inkspell (Inkheart Trilogy, Book 2) (2): Funke, Cornelia: 9780439554015: Books.

How long is Inkheart?

Meggie is 13 years old, and Farid is around 16 years old. (Although Farid’s age is not specified in the text, a youngster of 14 or 15 is reported to appear younger than Farid, according to the text.)

Is inkheart a series of books?

Inkheart is a fantastic adventure narrative about a guy who has the ability to bring tales to life, actually bringing the characters out of the pages of a book and into reality, and the ramifications that this skill (curse) has on his family as well as the characters he reads out aloud.

How many pages are in Inkspell?

When he returns home one night, he brings three characters from Inkheart, a fantasy novel set in medieval times and packed with mystical entities. It stars Capricorn (Andy Serkis), Basta (Jamie Foreman), and Dustfinger (Paul Bettany), a fire-eater, as well as two antagonists.

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Why does Meggie call her dad mo?

Mo is the nickname she has for her father. Meggie also like her father in that they are both Silvertongues, and they both enjoy reading, as does Meggie. She has a stronger bond with Mo than Resa since she has known him for a longer period of time. She is frequently enraged with Teresa for pulling him away from her.

What is the plot of Inkheart?

Inkheart is a young adult fantasy novel created by German author Cornelia Funke that was originally published in 2003. It is the first book in the Inkworld trilogy. The narrative follows Meggie, a bookworm twelve-year-old who discovers that her bookbinder father Mortimer or ‘Mo’ has a particular gift: he has the ability to bring literary characters to life via his binding skills.

Does Netflix have Inkheart?

One of his 12-year-old daughters is unaware of the fact that a bookbinder has an undiscovered talent for bringing characters from books to life by reading their stories aloud. Brendan Fraser (“The Mummy”) and Academy Award winner Helen Mirren feature in this family-friendly fantasy adventure.

Is Inkheart a good book?

This novel is well-written and engrossing from beginning to end. The plot is well-developed, and you are left wondering what is going to happen in the following chapter. I made the mistake of viewing the movie before reading the book, which resulted in several significant plot points being spoiled for me. Keep this in mind if you are considering watching the movie before reading the book.

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