How Many Books Are In The Cherub Series? (Best solution)


CHERUB The Recruit Class A Maximum Security The Killing Divine Madness Man vs Beast The Fall Mad Dogs The Sleepwalker Dark Sun (novella) The General Brigands M.C. Shadow Wave Aramov People’s Republic Guardian Angel Black Friday Lone Wolf New Guard
No. of books 17 + 1 short story


Is there a CHERUB book 18?

Find out about all of the novels, as well as the author’s biography and more. It is the last day of the semester. CHERUB youngsters live in the real world, going under the radar of adults while gathering information that helps put criminals and terrorists behind bars.

Is the Cherub series finished?

Robert Muchamore, a best-selling Crouch End novelist who is 43 years old, has just published the 17th and final volume in his critically praised CHERUB espionage series for young readers. Why is it necessary to conclude the CHERUB espionage series now, with New Guard? Because it has been 12 years and 17 novels from the beginning. I had a lot of fun writing the last book, but it was also extremely satisfying to put it to rest.

What order does the Cherub series go in?


  • 1. CHERUB: The Recruit: Book 1. 2. CHERUB: The Recruit: Book 1. 3.
  • Book 14. CHERUB: Guardian Angel: Book 14.
  • Book 2. CHERUB: Class A: Book 2.
  • Book 3. CHERUB: Maximum Security: Book 3.
  • Book 4. CHERUB: The Killing: Book 4.
  • Book 5. CHERUB: Divine Madness: Book 5.
  • Book 6. CHERUB: Man versus Beast: Book 6.
  • Book 7. CHERUB: The Fall: Book 7.
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Is there a CHERUB TV series?

Komixx Entertainment, an independent film and television production company, has optioned the international movie rights to the “Cherub” series of young adult spy books. Using the 18-book series as a basis, the London-based production business, which also has offices in Los Angeles and Australia, as well as studio facilities in Northern England, will produce a drama series.

How many books are in the second CHERUB series?

Continuing the story of Ryan Sharma, another CHERUB agent, in the second series of five novels, Aramov, James Adams is re-introduced into the narrative as a member of the CHERUB crew.

Do Kerry and James marry?

Kerry is accepted to Stanford University at the conclusion of Shadow Wave, and one year later, she and James attend the university together. Kerry possesses excellent talent in the martial arts, and as her brother James notes, she “is a solid all-rounder in the classroom.” It is revealed in the last book, New Guard, that she and James will be married in September 2017, and that they will have a child together.

How old is James in CHERUB?

James, who is 13 years old, and Lauren, who is 10 years old, are siblings. They also work as spies for CHERUB, a top-secret British intelligence outfit with a long history of espionage.

How many CHERUB books have been sold?

Muchamore has written and published seventeen CHERUB books, as well as a World Book Day novella, which have collectively sold more than 15,000,000 copies in the United States. The CHERUB line has been marketed in more than twenty countries and has received several honors for its design.

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What should I read after cherub?

More books in the vein of the Cherub series

  • The Artemis Fowl series by Eoin Colfer, the Jason Steed series by Mark Cooper, the Ranger’s Apprentice series by John Flanagan, the Gone series by Michael Grant, the Alex Rider series by Anthony Horowitz, the Tomorrow series by John Marsden, and the Boy Soldier series by Andy McNab.

What does cherub stand for?

The CHERUB section of the British Security Service is the subject of the television series. CHERUB recruits youngsters, often orphans, to work as spies. Charles Henderson’s Espionage Research Unit B (CHERUB) is an abbreviation for Charles Henderson’s Espionage Research Unit B. This was disclosed in the novel Secret Army, which is part of Muchamore’s second series, Henderson’s Boys, in which he also appears.

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