How Many Books Are In The Canterwood Crest Series? (Solution)

Welcome to the Canterwood Crest Resort and Spa! This boxed set contains all twenty volumes in the acclaimed Canterwood Crest series, making it the most comprehensive collection available!

How many canterwood books are there?

Canterwood Crest (18-book series) is available in Kindle format. After arriving on the grounds of the prestigious Canterwood Crest Academy on her horse, Charm, Sasha Silver immediately realizes that she is in serious trouble.

Does Canterwood Crest have a TV show?

The series chronicles the journey of young student Sasha Silver as she begins her studies at Canterwood Crest Academy, an elite boarding school that is home to some of the world’s most competitive equestrian riders.

What are books like Canterwood Crest?

Take the Reins; Chasing Blue; Behind the Bit; Triple Fault are examples of books that are related to The Canterwood Crest Stable of Books. It is now possible to purchase the first four books in the popular Canterwood Crest series in a four-book eBook boxed set.

What age is Canterwood Crest for?

This book is appropriate for students in 4th grade and higher. Jessica Burkhart’s Canterwood Crest Series is a collection of short stories. Elizabeth has been a fan of this series, which consists of 20 volumes, for quite some time. It’s a cross between Dana Hall (a nearby boarding school with an equestrian program) and eventing in certain ways.

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