How Do I Send Books To Inmates?

Because convicts are unable to sign for book packages, most correctional facilities in the United States demand that you send books through the United States Postal Service (USPS) rather than other means. Reading material can also be sent directly from a publisher such as Barnes and Noble or an approved online seller such as Amazon to the prisoner.

Does Amazon ship books to prisons?

By inputting the prisoner’s unit and inmate number onto the Amazon order page, Amazon users may send books and periodicals to convicts.

What book stores ship to prisons?

By inputting the prisoner’s unit number and inmate number onto the Amazon order page, people may mail books and periodicals to convicts.

How do I send inmates to Amazon?

The remedy is straightforward: simply write down the initials of the correctional facility as a PO number, and they will be required to mail it by USPS. Make careful to check with the jail ahead of time to see whether they have a post office box. Because your order cannot be anonymous, the following information should be included in your Amazon parcel: The entire name and ID number of the inmate.

Can you send packages to inmates?

The sending and receiving of letters or parcels by inmates from any other person is permitted, subject to the consideration of any applicable court orders prohibiting communication between specific people. More information may be found in the policy summary (PDF, 1.6 MB).

How do I send a Bible to an inmate?

Bible Truth Publishers provides free Bibles in both English and Spanish to inmates in the United States prison system, thanks to a grant from the Ford Foundation. It is possible to submit an email to Bible Truth Publishers with the prisoner’s details, and they will give them a copy of the Bible.

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Does Barnes and Noble use USPS?

“@Dobrevs11” is the handle for B N Customer Care on Twitter. Barnes & Noble sends packages via UPS, USPS, and Lasership, among other carriers.

What Magazines Can I send to inmates?

The Best Magazine Subscriptions for Prisoners

  • Inked. Inked Magazine is a must-have for anybody who has a tattoo fixation, whether it male or female. Maxim Magazine is the world’s most popular men’s lifestyle publication. Other notable publications include Sports Weekly, National Geographic, Men’s Health, Motor Trend, Slam, and Men’s Journal.

How do I send books to prisoners UK?

Sending Books to Prisoners: A Checklist for Sending Books:

  1. There will be no hardback books. Send a package directly to the HM Prison The Verne from Amazon UK. Only send fresh books to those who are currently in prison. Never ship magazines to a prisoner before receiving approval from the Prison Mail Room. It should always be addressed to the Prison’s PO Box, if one is available.

How do I get a care package for an inmate?


  1. DISCOVER THE LOCATION OF YOUR LOVED ONE. Click on the “Find a Prisoner” option and enter the first name, last name, or inmate number of the person you’re looking for. SELECT YOUR iCARE GIFT.

What is a care package for inmates?

Coffee, chocolates, meats, and seafood are examples of foods that could be included in a care box. Personal hygiene products such as toothpaste, shampoo, and deodorant are frequently included in gift baskets. In addition to shoes, sweatshirts, and underwear, some convicts receive care gifts.

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What gifts can you give inmates?

When selecting items to give to convicts, keep these five suggestions in mind to make your loved one’s stay away a little more bearable.

  • Letters and notes
  • commissary money
  • photographs
  • books, periodicals, and newspapers
  • commemorative cards
  • and other items

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