How Do I Get Books On My Audible App? (Question)

How to purchase Audible books with the Audible application

  1. To begin, launch the Audible app on your iPhone or Android device. Audible shop may be accessed by clicking on the Shopping Cart button in the upper-right corner. To find an audiobook, use the magnifying glass to search for it or browse through the categories. Select the audiobook you wish to purchase by tapping on it.

How do I add books to Audible app?


  1. The Audible app is launched. Then, hit Discover. Then, search for and tap on the audiobook you’d want to add to your collection. Then, press Buy with 1 Credit. Then, tap Confirm. The audiobook has been added to your collection.

Why can’t I purchase a book on Audible app?

The incorrect account has been entered. It is possible that the purchase was made using a different account than the one you are currently logged into on a smartphone or on our desktop website. Login out of the Audible app on your smartphone or out of the Audible desktop site, and then sign back into the account that was used to make the purchase and got the purchase confirmation email.

How do I purchase audiobooks on my iPhone?

Audiobooks may be found and purchased on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

  1. The Apple Books application should be launched. Tap the Audiobooks tab at the bottom of the screen. From this page, you may browse through the latest and most popular audiobooks. To see all of the genres and areas of the book shop, select Browse Sections at the top of the screen. To purchase the audiobook, simply tap on the price.
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How do I listen to Audible books on my iPhone?

In the Library area of your app, by selecting Titles followed by Downloaded, you may find Audible audiobooks that have previously been downloaded. To begin listening to the audiobook, simply touch on it. Note: For audiobooks that are divided into many sections, first tap the title of the book, and then tap the section you want to listen to.

Why can’t I download audible books on my iPhone?

There might be a number of factors contributing to your title’s inability to download: It is possible that the app will need to be updated. It’s possible that you’ll need to adjust the download quality in the app. It’s possible that you’ll need to adjust the download by parts setting in the app.

Do I pay for books on Audible?

Yes, you do have to pay to listen to Audible books. It is a monthly or yearly fee in exchange for a lower pricing on titles that are currently available. Purchases in excess of the 1–2 titles per month allowed by your membership will cost a little extra, however they may be included in exceptional bargains from time to time. It is achieved by the use of a credit system.

Why don’t my audiobooks show up on my iPhone?

Because you have set a specific filter or are categorizing your material in an unusual manner, your Audiobook may not appear to be showing up on the list. Select All and then All Titles from the drop-down menu. To the left of “Select” is a sort button, which you should press. Select Recent from the drop-down menu.

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Can’t find my Audible book?

Sign out and sign back in Launch the Audible application. To access the settings menu, use the gear symbol in the upper right corner. On the Sign in page, you’ll need to enter your Audible/Amazon credentials. After signing in, go to Library, then Titles, and then All Titles to get a list of all the stuff that has been purchased on this account so far.

How do I listen to audio books?

Take a moment to sign out and back in to your account. Activate the Audible app on your smartphone. In the upper right corner, click the gear symbol. To sign in, go to the Sign in page and type in your Audible or Amazon credentials. The list of all purchased material on this account may be seen by going to Library, followed by Titles, and then All Titles.

  1. Open the Google Play Books application on your Android smartphone or tablet. Select Library from the drop-down menu. Select Audiobooks from the drop-down menu at the top. Select the audiobook you’d want to listen to by tapping it. It will begin playing on its own own. Optional: Also available are the following options for controlling the audiobook’s playback and setting a sleep timer:

Where is my library on my iPhone?

What is the iOS App Library and how can I get to it? Swipe left on your iPhone’s Home Screen to get to the last screen of applications you were using. Swipe left once more to bring up the App Library, and then swipe right to close it.

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