How Book Hotel Room For Another Person?

To book a hotel or vacation rental for someone else online

  • Enter the name of the guest who will be checking into the hotel or vacation rental.
  • Enter a phone number where the hotel or vacation rental can reach the guest while traveling.
  • Provide the email address where the guest will receive their email confirmation.

Can I book a hotel room for someone else?

You can purchase a room for someone else as long as you are at least 21 years of age, and the person for whom you book the room for is at least 21 years of age and can present the appropriate identification before check-in. When submitting the request on our website, enter the names of the travelers where required.

Can I book a hotel room for someone else Marriott?

Booking a hotel for someone else at Marriott

You can contact Marriott Rewards at 888-236-2427. This should handle any reservations at any of the Marriott brands, which include Marriott, Ritz-Carlton, Renaissance Inn, Courtyard by Marriott, Fairfield Inn, TownePlace Suites, SpringHill Suites and others.

Can I book Accor hotel for someone else?

Can the member’s family or friends share the membership? No, the Accor Plus membership is strictly for the member’s use only and is non-transferrable.

Can I pay for hotel for someone else?

At almost all hotels, you can choose to pay for someone else’s hotel room and/or book a hotel room for someone else. Paying for someone else’s room typically requires filling out a credit card authorization form in advance. Booking a room for someone else is as simple as making the reservation under that person’s name.

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Can I check into a hotel under someone else’s name?

Call the hotel. At my hotel nobody can be given access to a room in someone else’s name. Most hotels will have a similar policy and require a credit card and photo ID matching the name on the reservation in order to check in. An easy solution would be to call ahead and add their name to the reservation.

Can you check into a hotel without the person who booked it?

If your friends parents booked the room and are not there, then they will not “usually” check you in. Be sure to call the hotel’s front desk manager, or hotel general manager, prior to arrival to make sure they received it and that there will be no issues with you checking in.

How do you pay for someone else’s hotel room?

Hotels: Just make sure the primary guest name is correct. At check-in, the guest will need to present a valid ID and credit card – both must match the name under which the room is reserved. Hotels will require a credit card authorization to guarantee payment of any incidental charges that you may incur during the stay.

Can you book a hotel under a different name?

It is entirely legal to check into a hotel under a different name. The hotel may need confirmation of your actual identity but they will adhere to the name that you have registered in when booking your room. This is the name you will register in at your hotel.