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The Wheel of Time is 9 Copyright Robert Jordan. This wiki contains spoilers for all books in the series; read at your own risk.

What Wheel of Time books can I skip?

Only books 7, 8, 10, and portions of 9 are likely to satisfy this need, in my opinion. Don’t skip anything the first time you read it; otherwise, things won’t make sense and you won’t enjoy it nearly as much as you would otherwise.

What book should I start with Wheel of Time?

The first installment of The Wheel of Time, The Eye of the World, was published in 1990, and the final installment, A Memory of Light, was published in 2013.

What age is the wheel of time appropriate for?

I really enjoyed the Abhorsen series, which deals with necromancy and has a little bit of horror to it, but it’s handled in a positive way. They’re also written for the YA age group (whereas Wheel of Time is intended for adults), so I think 12-14 would be fine.

Is it okay to skip parts of a book?

“A sensible person does not read a novel as a task. He reads it as a diversion,” Maugham says. Modern readers might include “to be pleasing” as one of art’s goals, but I suspect they would also look for some moral enhancement, some thrill of style, and some cultural uplift, as well.

Which Wheel of Time book is the longest?

The Shadow Rising, with 393,823 words and 58 chapters, is the longest book in The Wheel of Time, despite having fewer pages than Lord of Chaos.

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How long does it take to finish Wheel of Time?

I read it in about a year, maybe a little longer, because the books are LONG. I consider myself an average reader (speed-wise), and a Wheel of Time book takes me anywhere from 7 to 10 days to read.

Should I start with new spring or eye of the world?

The action takes place before the first book, The Eye of the World, but the story will not be fully understood if you read it at the beginning. New Spring u2013 prequel; you can read it whenever you want after that point, but it’s best to read the first ten books first.

What age is the way of kings for?

Ages 15 and up are recommended.

Is Wheel of Time clean?

While the stories are wonderful, keep in mind that Robert Jordan had a thing for repetitive scenery description and side-stories. He will spend three pages describing a chair, then return to that same chair in another chapter. The first three books are his strongest.

What should you not do when reading a book?

When you get your next reading,…

  1. Do NOT go over your allotted time
  2. keep an eye on the clock.
  3. Do NOT get drunk or high.
  4. Do NOT mumble or whisper.
  5. Do NOT apologize for your work.
  6. Do NOT be shy about the mic.
  7. Do NOT read something you just finished writing that day.

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