FAQ: What Singapore Math Books To Buy?

Singapore Math Review: World-Class Math Education, Right at Your Kitchen Table

Singapore Math review: Everything you need to know about whether Singapore Math is right for your homeschool, including a FAQ, recommendations for which edition to use, kindergarten options, and more.

Why Singapore Math?

The original Primary Mathematics series and its spin-offs are used in classrooms and homeschools all over the world. Read on for a full review, FAQ, and buying guide to learn more about Singapore Math.

The Big Picture

The textbooks develop every concept step-by-step so that children gradually develop conceptual understanding, and review problems are included at the end of each unit. Children learn not only how to do math, but also why what they’re doing works.

Mental Math and Word Problems

Singapore Math is a program that focuses on improving children’s mental math and word problem solving skills. It uses hands-on materials and pictures to help children solve word problems. Mental math is more than just solving problems mentally; it also helps children develop a strong number sense and understanding of number properties.

What’s the Parent’s Role in Teaching Singapore Math?

You must actively teach each lesson and ensure that you understand the math concepts yourself; daily lessons provide a guide, but they are not scripted. Online self-paced course teaches you everything you need to know to teach elementary math well.

How much does Singapore Math cost?

Textbooks, workbooks, and home instructor’s guides for Singapore Math cost around $85 each, and you’ll also need manipulatives, which are all listed in the Home Instructor’s Guides, so check there for the full list.

So, should I buy Singapore Math or not?

Math could be a good fit for your child if: your child thinks logically and enjoys math that is presented in a clear, straightforward manner; you’re willing to spend some time learning the math and teaching it to your child; and the thought of keeping track of manipulatives makes you break out in hives.

Is there a preschool Singapore Math book?

The Primary Math series does not include a preschool book, but there are plenty of online resources for pre-schoolers interested in Singapore Math. My Preschool Math at Home will give you a year’s worth of simple, playful activities that will help your child build excellent number sense.

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What manipulatives do I need for Singapore Math?

A list of what you’ll need is included in the Home Instructor’s Guide, so you can make sure you have everything you’ll need for the project.

Which Singapore Math edition should I use for kindergarten?

If you’re looking for a more hands-on kindergarten program, check out my Kindergarten Math with Confidence or one of my other favorite homeschool math programs.

How does Singapore Math’s scope and sequence compare with American textbooks?

If you’re switching your child to Singapore Math, make sure he takes a placement test first; it’s almost always better to go back and shore up the fundamentals than to push forward with a shaky foundation.

Singapore Math Buying Guide

Singapore Math offers several different editions of its homeschool math curriculum, as well as supplemental books, and in this section, I’ll walk you through them all so you can make the best decision for your family.

Step 1: Placement test

Because Singapore’s scope and sequence differs from other programs, it’s normal for your child to perform below grade level; however, if your older child is switching to Singapore, make sure he or she takes his or her own test.

Step 2: Choose an edition

You’ll need the Home Instructor’s Guide, Textbook, and Workbook for both semesters. There are four different Singapore Math editions available for grades 1-6; I prefer the U.S. Edition because it’s time-tested and focuses on the most important concepts.

Step 3: Choose supplemental books

Enter your email address below to receive a printable guide to using Singapore Math, which includes more information on supplemental books for Singapore as well as tips on how to approach word problems and mental math. This is my honest opinion of the program; I was not compensated in any way for the review.

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Is Singapore math rigorous?

Our content is some of the most rigorous out there, but we present it all through engaging graphics and hands-on learning that keep math from being anything but dry. Singapore math is not drill or rote-based, but rather a creative, holistic education that instills understanding rather than rewarding memorization skills. Our content is some of the most rigorous out there, but we present it all through engaging graphics and hands-on learning that keep math from being anything but dry.

Is Singapore math any good?

Since the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study began ranking countries’ competitiveness in math literacy in 1995, Singapore has consistently ranked among the top. 2 Singapore Math focuses on mastery, not just learning for a test.

Do you need textbook for Singapore Math?

What books do I need for a year of Primary Mathematics? You’ll need the A and B Textbooks and Workbooks, as well as some sort of teaching support in the form of Home Instructor’s Guides (for homeschooling) or Teacher’s Guides.

Is Singapore Math A good curriculum?

The Singapore math method is a highly effective teaching approach created by Singapore’s Ministry of Education for Singapore public schools, and it has been widely adopted in various forms around the world in the twenty years since we introduced the curriculum to the United States in 1998.

Is Saxon better than Singapore Math?

Saxon Math books are more expensive than Singapore Math books because Saxon has a lot more pages. Saxon Math Places a Greater Emphasis on Practice Saxon Math places a greater emphasis on practicing exercises, whereas Singapore Math places a greater emphasis on critically thinking through concepts.

Is Singapore math hard to teach?

The Singapore method is demanding and heavily relies on mastery of the material, with textbooks, workbooks, manipulatives, and teacher’s guides ranging in price from $9 to $30 for each grade level.

Why are Singaporeans so good at math?

Experts agree that part of the reason Singapore students excel in math is that their curriculum teaches them a deep mastery of the subject through carefully calculated foundational learning; each grade level is a building block.

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What is special about Singapore Math?

Singapore math students have mastered multiplication and division of fractions and can solve difficult multi-step word problems by the end of sixth grade, compared to a traditional US math curriculum that focuses on fewer topics but covers them in greater depth.

What math is after Singapore?

Students may progress to Geometry and Algebra 2 in Singapore math programs after Grade 8. If you’re looking for online math instruction, try High School Math Live or Thinkwell.

Do you need manipulatives for Singapore Math?

Physical objects, even in the age of calculators, have a unique way of helping us represent and learn mathematical concepts. The Singapore math method, which focuses on laying a strong foundation in elementary school, employs manipulatives to make math learning a tactile and visual experience.

Is common core based on Singapore Math?

Although bar models are not specifically used in Common Core, much of the method monitoring focuses on grading the accurate construction and use of models in general, which appears to be an imitation of Singapore Math.

Does Kumon teach Singapore Math?

According to the Kumon website, the Kumon Math system definitely supplements the Singapore education system, eventually assisting kids in self-study of senior high school math with ease. For more information on Kumon in Singapore, click here.

How long does a Singapore math lesson take?

Workbook lessons in the lower grades are shorter, and they gradually become longer as children get older. It usually takes about 10-15 minutes to present the lesson, with about 15-20 minutes for your child to work independently in the workbook; however, this varies depending on the child and the lesson.

Where should I start in Singapore math?

If you’re switching, I’d recommend starting one book behind where you think your kids should be, such as book 2B (the second book of 2nd grade) if you’re starting in 3rd grade.

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