FAQ: What Format To Convert Books To For Kindle?

How to Put Free Ebooks on Your Amazon Kindle

The Amazon Kindle is a fantastic book reader, but it’s tied to Amazon’s ecosystem; you can download ebooks in EPUB, Mobi, and PDF formats to your device.

Find Your Kindle Email

The simplest way to get books on your Kindle is to send them to yourself via email; your Kindle must be connected to a Wi-Fi or 3G network to do so. Create a new approved e-mail address and enter the address you want to use.

Choose Your E-Book Format

What is the best way to send an e-book to your Kindle?

Mobi Format

Although Amazon no longer supports the Mobi format for reflowable ebooks, you can still download and read Mobi-friendly ebooks by attaching the file to an email and sending it to your Kindle’s address.

PDF Format

If you want your Kindle to display every page in the PDF as if it were a graphic, simply email the file to your Kindle’s address; the formatting and graphics will be preserved, but the font size may be too small to read.

EPUB Format

Calibre, a free piece of software that can reformat almost any kind of ebook for most ebook readers, is the key. You can email text files, blog posts, Word documents, and more to your Kindle by simply filling in the email address you’ve set to send documents with.

What format do books need to be in for Kindle?

Kindle devices and apps support Amazon’s e-book formats: AZW, which is based on Mobipocket; AZW3, also known as KF8, in fourth generation and later Kindles; and KFX in seventh generation and later Kindles.

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How do I convert books to Kindle?

Once those are in place, sending a PDF document to your Kindle or a device with a Kindle app is a breeze:

  1. Create an email with your PDF file attached and the subject line “Convert.” Address it to the Kindle address for the device you want to send it to (using your approved email account).

How do I convert a PDF to Kindle format?

1. Use a USB cable to transfer a PDF file to your Kindle.

  1. Eject and remove your Kindle from the computer.
  2. Find the address of your Kindle.
  3. Open your e-mail application or service, such as Outlook or Gmail.
  4. Click “Convert Now” to convert your PDF file.

Can you send Mobi files to Kindle?

Mobi Format Attach the file to an email and send it to your Kindle’s email address (with any subject and nothing in the body of the email), and it should appear on your Kindle shortly. If you connect your Kindle to your PC via USB cable, you can also drag and drop the file onto your Kindle.

Can I put a physical book on my Kindle?

Amazon has released a new program called Kindle Convert that allows you to scan physical books and convert them to eBooks. The app is available for Windows 7 and Windows 8, and it scans the book and searches Amazon’s library for similar titles.

How do I remove DRM from Kindle books?

You can find a complete step-by-step manual about how to use Calibre DRM Removal there.

  1. Install calibre and the DeDRM Kindle and KFX plugin.
  2. Open calibre and load your kindle books, and calibre will begin removing the DRM.
  3. Click convert books and choose a target output format, then click okay.
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How do I optimize a PDF for Kindle?

Improve Your Kindle PDF Experience

  1. Add a single file or batch process multiple files or a selected folder.
  2. Set the Screen Size of your target device.
  3. Click Convert All Files or press Enter to convert the file with the default settings.

Can you upload a PDF to KDP?

At this time, KDP only accepts PDF files in the following languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Catalan, Galician, and Basque.

Can we read PDF in Kindle?

You can load your Kindle with PDF files from almost anywhere, ensuring that there will never be a shortage of things to read on your Kindle. Sending a PDF file to your Kindle device is also simple: simply send the PDF file to your Kindle email address.

Which is better for Kindle EPUB or Mobi?

Is EPUB better than MOBI in most cases? Yes, EPUB is better in most cases; the only advantage to MOBI is that Amazon’s format is automatically protected by DRM, whereas DRM is an optional layer in EPUB files. Amazon now accepts EPUBs on its marketplace, but converts them to MOBI during upload.

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