FAQ: What Do Books Do In Dragon Quest 3?

List of personality types in Dragon Quest III

Personalities are a game mechanic introduced in the remakes of Dragon Quest III. The hero is assigned one of 32 personalities after taking a test at the start of the game, and personalities can be changed throughout the game using book items and equipment, for a total of 45 possible personalities.

Personalities and stat effects[edit]

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Books & Items[edit]

Only 28 of the 45 personality types have a corresponding book or item, leaving Amazon, Contrarian, Drudge, Egghead, Everyman, Free spirit, Gourmand, and Klutz as the only personality types without books or items.


Because this is primarily a team-based game, personalities that give a large, focused increase in a particular stat are preferred. The vamp personality is often regarded as the best due to its 70% composite stat bonus. Paragon works well with physically inclined classes such as the warrior and martial artist. Since this is primarily a team-based game, personalities that give a large, focused increase in a particular stat are preferred.

Hero personality quiz[edit]

Lothario (male only) is one of the 32 possible starting personalities for a hero.

Recruitable member personality[edit]

When the game creates a character, it assigns the base stats for the character’s class and gender, then adds a variable number of bonus stats, ranging from 2 to 10, all of which are weighted toward central values and distributed one at a time among five stats at random. Personality is determined by the amount by which each stat exceeds the base va.

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Altering personality[edit]

The Vamp book, which is obtained through one of the first bonus boss grants, can be used to change a character’s personality. Book items can be found throughout the game, with many hidden in bookcases and pots in towns. The Vamp book is the most highly valued book.

How do you get the clown personality in Dragon Quest 3?

If the player obeys the king’s orders, they will be assigned the Lothario (male) or Vamp (female) personality; if the player disregards the king’s orders, they will be assigned the Clown personality.

Does personality matter in Dragon Quest 3?

Personalities are a game mechanic introduced in the remakes of Dragon Quest III that affects character stat growth and can be changed at any time by using book items and equipping specific pieces of equipment.

Is Dragon Quest 3 the same as Dragon Warrior 3?

The first three Dragon Quest games are part of the same story, and Dragon Warrior III is the first chronologically, as well as the third game to feature the hero Erdrick (Loto in the Japanese releases and localization for the Game Boy Color).

Is Dragon Quest III worth playing?

Dragon Quest III in particular is a must-have for any JRPG fan, and it’s the one I’d recommend if you only have time to buy one of the three games. Hopefully, Square Enix will address some of the visual issues with monster and character designs, because these three classics deserve a lot more.

How do you get a tough cookie in Dragon Quest 3?

The hero becomes a tough cookie at the start of the game by passing the final character test in the forest, which requires the hero to push all forty boulders to the old man before leaving the test. Other party members have a chance to become tough cookies when recruited as any class, depending on their stat bonuses.

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What is luck in Dragon Quest 3?

Luck affects your character’s chances of being affected by status ailments like Snooze, Fizzle, and Dazzle in all versions of III. Each enemy spell has a different base accuracy that decreases as the stat rises, which is calculated as Probability(P) = (384 – LUCK) * MOD / 65536.

How do I change my personality in Dragon Quest 3?

There are a total of 45 possible personalities, which can be changed throughout the game by using book items and equipping certain pieces of equipment. Note that stats in most Dragon Quest games are determined randomly at level up, or according to a specific growth distribution.

Is the luminary Erdrick?

The Yggdragon bestows the title Erdrick on the Luminary as a reward for defeating Calasmos and ridding the world of evil; however, it is revealed that he is the first to bear the title, with a flashback to the hero of Dragon Quest and the hero of Dragon Quest III years later.

Is Dragon Quest 3 on switch good?

Dragon Quest III, however, is the best of all the 8-bit era JPRGs I’ve ever played. Sure, it’s based on a simple turn-based combat system, but it’s effective, and the adventure feels surprisingly epic, with a large overworld to explore based on our actual planet.

Will there be Dragon Quest Builders 3?

Dragon Quest Builders 3: This one may be a little far-fetched, but it’s no secret that the Dragon Quest Builders series has amassed a devoted following in recent years, and since the sequel took only two years to develop and release, a third installment could be ready to announce for release in 2022.

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Which is better Dragon Quest 1 or 2?

The second Dragon Quest game is a little better than the first, and I’d call it a good game. The story isn’t great, but it does give you more direction than the first, and the battle system has been improved a little.

Is Dragon Warrior worth playing?

The first Dragon Quest game has aged, but there’s still something comfortably engaging about it. It’s no longer an epic that will dominate your life, but it’s a fantastic game to pick up and play for short periods of time.

How many hours is Dragon Quest 3?

Dragon Quest III’s game length varies greatly depending on the class combinations chosen and the amount of leveling required, but players can expect to spend around 20 hours to complete the main story with just one set of class changes.

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