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If you read all three books related to the Basketbal event, you will unlock the Reader King Accessory, which increases the Magic stat by ten. The description of 100 Ghost Stories is misleading; you do not gain courage like you do when you read the Man series; rather, it doubles the effect of the courage increase when you work at the hospital.

What books should I read Persona 4?

Dates of availability for Persona 4 Golden Book Shop books

  • The Lovely Man: Increases Courage.
  • Expert Study Methods: Increases Studying Knowledge.
  • Beginner Fishing: Increases the number of times you can fish per session.
  • Off Today: Increases Understanding.
  • Office Work Manual: Increases Envelope Making Diligence.

Should I read books Persona 4?

Reading all of the books unlocks the Reader King Accessory, which boosts the Magic stat by ten points. The description of 100 Ghost Stories is misleading; you don’t gain courage like you do when reading the Man series; rather, it doubles the effect of the courage boost when working at the hospital.

How many books is Persona 4 Golden?

In Persona 4 Golden, there are 32 books to read, each of which provides benefits such as increasing social stats (courage, knowledge, etc.) or improving minigame results (fishing, catching bugs).

How do you read books in Persona 4 Golden?

How to Get All of the Books in Persona 4 Golden

  1. The Ramen Way: anytime, eat at Aiya eight times.
  2. The Lovely Man: 4/20 onward, purchase at Yomenaido.
  3. Expert Study Methods: 4/20 onward, purchase at Yomenaido.
  4. Beginner Fishing: 4/20 onward, purchase at Yomenaido.
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How do I unlock Jinbocho?

You can unlock Jinbocho by reading Musty Pages or by rising through the ranks of the Star Confidant. You can only buy one book at a time, and you can only buy the next book once you’ve finished the previous one. You can read two chapters of a book at once.

How do I get speed reader p5r?

Players must reach July 1 in Persona 5 Royal to unlock the Speed Reader Book, which will then be available in the Library, which opens on April 18 and is located on the third floor of the school building.

Where is the library p4g?

The Library is located outside the classroom on the second floor of the classroom building.

How do I join a club in Persona 4 Golden?

After April 19th, go to the Faculty Office on the First Floor of the Classroom Building and speak with your home room teacher about joining a club. You can join one sports club and one cultural club.

What is Hcho p4g?

“What is HCHO?” – formaldehyde – was the question.

How do I get knowing the heart Persona 5 Royal?

Knowing the Heart becomes available for purchase for 12,000 yen after reading all of the books in Persona 5 Royal, and reading it unlocks more Technical combinations during battle.

How many parts are there in Persona 4 Golden?

“How many parts does Murakami’s ‘The Wind-up Bird Chronicle’ have?” Answer: “Three.” Yosuke points and Expression points increase.

How do you increase diligence in Persona 4?

Enhancing Due Diligence

  1. Joining a soccer or basketball team and attending regularly will increase your Diligence.
  2. Working part-time making envelopes will earn you points.
  3. Working on Unfinished Models 1 and 2 will earn you points.
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How do you get the hardcore Risette fan?

The key to obtaining this trophy is switching your party at each new dungeon, pressing “L” and analyzing every enemy, allowing your party to be hit with every type of ailment, and maxing out Rise’s social link as soon as possible (as this will unlock new abilities and lines of dialogue).

How do you get a fishing rod in Persona 4?

Take the Fish Hook to the man on the riverbank at Samegawa Flood Plain, and you’ll get the Rod in return.

Where do I get Inaba jewel beetle?

You’ll need the Inaba Jewel Beetle as bait to catch this fish, which you can find at the Tatsuhime Shrine or in your garden during the winter; the fish can only be caught when it’s raining or snowing!

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