FAQ: Hogwarts Mysteey What To Spend Books On?

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery tips and tricks: Become a master witch or wizard!

Since its release last year, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery has amassed over 10 million downloads, making it the first game under Warner Bros’ Portkey Games banner. Niantic’s Wizards Unite for Android and iOS is expected later this year.

How to get more energy without spending gems

Every action in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery depletes your character’s energy (indicated by the blue bar in the top right with a lightning symbol). The most straightforward way to regain energy is to put the game down and wait.
You start the game with a maximum Energy cap of 24, but if you keep up with the game – which is currently at Year 5 Chapter 26 – you’ll have a cap of 40 units. A single unit takes four minutes to recharge, even if you close the app. Tapping on the unlit torch to the right of the Great Hall gives you an energy unit, and tapping on Peeves, who can be found in Divinity – gives you an extra unit.

How to earn House Points and win the House Cup

Your goal is to earn House Points and bring glory to your housemates, whether you’re a Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin. There are a few ways to earn those valuable points, but the majority will come from progressing through the main story.

Nail demonstrations and become a dueling master

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is a story-driven adventure with new mini-games. Aggressive defeats Sneaky, Defensive defeats Sneaky, and Sneaky defeats Aggressive. Dueling is essentially rock-paper-scissors with wands.

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Be a good, rounded pupil

Your character has three attributes: courage, empathy, and knowledge, which will level up as you complete story quests. If you’ve chosen Gryffindor as your House, you might be tempted to combine all of your stats into courage.

Making friends

You can visit a select group of characters when you’re not trying to solve the mystery surrounding your brother’s disappearance, and you’ll get bonus points for leveling up your friendships if you have higher attributes. In terms of gameplay, you’ll need to pay attention to what your buddy is saying because the interactions that are part of the main story become few and far between as the game progresses.

Always pick gems (or attributes) as a reward

If gems aren’t available, my recommendation is to go for attribute boosts instead of energy and coins. Energy and coins are fairly common rewards throughout the game, but you’ll get more with attribute bonuses anyway.

What do you use books for in Hogwarts mystery?

makes use of

  1. Purchase of pets not found in the Magical Creatures Reserve
  2. Purchase of additional dormitory furniture.

Is Hogwarts mystery still bad?

Even if there was no waiting and the game was extremely generous with its energy and built up to its paywall restrictions, Hogwarts Mystery is still terrible. It’s clear that Portkey Games believes the allure of a new mystery at Hogwarts will be enough to entice long-time Potter fans.

Can you date someone in Hogwarts mystery?

With new relationship levels that can be earned through gameplay, players in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery will be able to go on dates whenever they want, with the option to date exclusively or break up with their chosen partner if they’d rather pursue other romantic options.

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How do you get free energy in Hogwarts mystery?

Players can earn XP by interacting with friends in the various activities available, which they can then use to level up their friendship with that specific friend, which will reward them with free energy at various levels, ranging from 5 to 15.

How do you get free notebooks in Harry Potter Hogwarts mystery?

Notebooks are primarily obtained through participation in events such as House Pride or Collect Stars, where they are offered as progression prizes; however, they can also be earned as a reward for bonding with your Magical Creatures, or as part of the reward for completing lessons.

How do you unlock a Chinese Fireball?

When you reach Magizoology Level 4, you can adopt the Chinese Fireball, which requires 65 Red Notebooks, 40 Blue Notebooks, and 25 Gold Notebooks.

How do you get more brown Notebooks in Hogwarts mystery?

Brown Notebooks are used to purchase different skins and looks for your other pets, as well as to earn illicit pets like the Streeler and Kneazle. Brown Notebooks can be earned by participating in events like House Pride or Collect Stars, or by taking advantage of in-game offers.

Who is R on Hogwarts mystery?

R, also known as The Cabal, was a powerful and enigmatic secret society active in the twentieth century.

Is Rowan R in Hogwarts mystery?

When the player is investigating the mysterious “R” character in Forest Grove in Hogwarts Mystery, Rowan Khanna jumped in front of the curse, sacrificing themselves so that Ben could live.

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What happens when you reach year 7 in Hogwarts mystery?

During this year, you will have the opportunity to attend Professor Sikander’s Muggle Studies class, where you will learn many interesting things about Muggles from a wizarding perspective, as well as make new friends and strengthen old ones.

Why is Merula so mean?

Tulip demanded Merula surrender the key to them after Jacob’s sibling and Tulip revealed themselves to Merula, who had a feeling they were behind this prank, and Merula angrily retorted at how Tulip betrayed her to work with Jacob’s sibling instead.

Can you date Merula Snyde?

You can’t date or be in a relationship with any of the game’s major or minor characters, including Slytherin rival Merula Snyde, as of right now.

Should I let Merula cast the Patronus?

If you don’t let Merula cast the Patronus Charm, she’ll get hurt, and you’ll have to step in to deal with the Dementor right away.

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