Where Is Ballantine Books Publishing? (Solution)

Ballantine Books is a publishing house based in New York City.

Parent company Random House, a subsidiary of Penguin Random House
Founder Ian Ballantine Betty Ballantine
Country of origin United States
Headquarters location New York City, New York
Official website randomhousebooks.com


Is Ballantine Books part of Random House?

Ballantine was established in 1952 and was bought by Penguin Random House in 1973. Ballantine Books, Ballantine Reader’s Circle, Del Rey, Del Rey/LucasBooks, Fawcett, Ivy, One World, and Wellspring are some of the imprints under which the company publishes.

Who distributes Alfred A Knopf?

Knopf is now recognized as one of the most renowned literary publishers in the United States. In its 100-year existence, the firm, which is now a division of Penguin Random House, has had just three presidents: Knopf himself, Robert Gottlieb, and the current editor-in-chief, Sonny Mehta, who was appointed in 2011.

Does Random House own Knopf?

Knopf, Inc. (/knpf/) is an American publishing company that was founded by Alfred A. Knopf Sr. in 1908. It is headquartered in New York City. It was bought by Random House in 1960 and is now a branch of Penguin Random House, which is controlled by the German corporation Bertelsmann. It is currently known as the Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group division of Penguin Random House.

What publishers does Penguin Random House own?

A list of the publishing groups owned by Penguin Random House LLC can be found here. The Bantam Dell Publishing Group is comprised of the Crown Publishing Group and the Doubleday Broadway Publishing Group. The Knopf Publishing Group is comprised of the Penguin Random House Audio Publishing Group, the Penguin Random House Children’s Books group, and the Penguin Random House Diversified Publishing group.

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Where can I publish my book?

You can opt to publish using one or more of them depending on your preferences.

  • One or more of these services are available for you to use when publishing.

How do I get my book published by Random House?

Please do not send unsolicited submissions, proposals, manuscripts or submission questions to Penguin Random House LLC via email at this time. If you would want to have your work or manuscript considered for publication by a major book publisher, we recommend that you engage with a literary agent that is well-established in the industry.

How do I find a literary agent?

Here are some suggestions for how you might locate your own literary agent:

  1. Carry out research. Before you contact any literary agencies, do extensive research on them and build a wish list of the ones that you believe would be the greatest fit for you. Check out the agent listings. Begin by submitting a query. Try your hand at self-publishing.

Does Penguin Random House accept unsolicited manuscripts?

Investigate the matter more deeply. Before you contact any literary agencies, do extensive research on them and compile a wish list of the ones that you believe would be the greatest fit for your writing style. Check out the available agents. Begin by submitting a query.; Self-publishing is an option to consider.

Where is Random House publishing company located?

It is one of the largest book publishing companies in the world. The company’s headquarters are located in New York City. American Bennett Cerf and Donald S. Klopfer started Random House in 1925 as a publishing house specializing in fiction.

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Who owns Allen and Unwin?

More information may be found here. After its UK-based parent firm, George Allen & Unwin Ltd. (founded in 1914), was bought by HarperCollins in 1990, the publisher’s Australian directors took over the reins in a management buy-out, the publisher was officially created in 1991.

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