Where Do I Buy Audio Books? (TOP 5 Tips)

  • Audible. Amazon’s platform is distinguished by its large library of audiobooks.
  • Google Audiobooks. Librivox allows you to purchase quality audiobooks without being tied to a membership. Kobo Audiobooks is the finest site to get public domain audiobooks at the lowest prices.
  • Downpour.
  • A more economical audiobook subscription platform.

Where is the best place to purchase audio books?

You may find audiobooks in a variety of venues, some of which are listed below;

  • Audible. Audible is one of the most well-known — if not the most well-known — of the audiobook service providers.
  • Audiobooks.com is another. When seeking for an Audible substitute that is not available via Amazon, this is the one for you. Apple Books, as well as 4. Library.fm, OverDrive, Google Play Books, and others are examples of online resources.

How do you buy audiobooks?

On Google Play Books, you can look for and purchase audiobooks to listen to while you are on the go. Purchase and download audiobooks

  1. Open the Google Play Books application on your Android smartphone or tablet. Select Shop from the menu bar and look for an audiobook. To find out more about an audiobook, simply touch on its cover image. Price may be found by tapping it. Purchase an audiobook.

Where can I get audio books from?

Other audiobook alternatives can be found here.

  • Apple Books, Google Play Books, Kobo, Walmart Audiobooks, Libby by OverDrive, and Audiobooks.com are some of the options.

How do I buy audiobooks without Audible?

You may purchase audiobooks without having to sign up for an Audible subscription. Simply go to Amazon and make your purchase; if you purchase the Kindle book, you will receive a discount on the audiobook companion. There is no requirement for a subscription. Alternatively, you may purchase the Kindle book on Amazon and receive a discount on the audiobook.

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What is the cheapest way to listen to audiobooks?

9 Services for Obtaining Low-Cost Audiobooks

  1. Audible. Audible is a well-known name in the audiobook industry
  2. Audiobooks.com is a subdomain of Audible. Audiobooks.com is a membership service, similar to Audible and Scribd, that offers audiobooks. Images courtesy of Getty Images, Downpour, Chirp, and Apple Books, Google Play Books, and Librivox.

Is Audible free with Amazon Prime?

Audible Plus and Audible Premium Plus memberships, on the other hand, are independent from a Prime subscription. If you haven’t already signed up for an Audible Premium Plus subscription, you may do so for a 30-day free trial and earn one free credit (2 credits for Prime members), as well as access to the Plus Catalog.

What device is best for listening to audiobooks?

Apple iPod Touch is a premium option for those who want to read quality material. Apple iPod Touch is widely regarded as one of the greatest mp3 players for listening to audiobooks, without a question. This operates in a manner that is strikingly similar to that of a smartphone. You may listen to your audiobook using a variety of programs such as OverDrive, Audible, Librivox, and many others.

Why are audiobooks so expensive?

As it turns out, the primary reason why audiobooks are so costly is due to the high cost of production, which is generally associated with them. An audiobook often has a ‘cost per finished hour’ of $300 to $400, which is considered normal. As a result, even if an audiobook is just 10 hours in length, it would cost between $3000 to $4000 to make it on average.

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Is audiobooks better than reading?

While she acknowledges that listening to an audiobook may be more effective in evoking emotion and bringing the tale to life, she believes that reading is a superior option for retaining information. She cites a research that found that reading was more effective than listening in terms of really retaining someone’s attention and helping them remember the material.

Can I listen to audiobooks for free?

There are various websites and programs that you may use to listen to and/or download free audiobooks that are not illegally distributed. LibriVox, Project Gutenberg, and Spotify are just a few examples. If you’re searching for a comprehensive list of resources for finding free audiobooks that you would otherwise have to pay for, you’ll most likely not find it on this list.

How do I buy things from Audible?

Nonetheless, there are a number of websites and applications that you may use to legally listen to and/or download free audio books. LibriVox, Project Gutenberg, and Spotify are just a few of the many options available today. When it comes to finding free audiobooks that would otherwise cost money, there isn’t a comprehensive list of resources available on the internet. You won’t find one on this page.

  1. Open the Audible app and select Discover from the drop-down menu. Try searching for and purchasing an audiobook using the categories or magnifying glasses displayed on the screen. Select Buy with 1 Credit or Buy now for £X. XX. from the drop-down menu. Please keep in mind that if you have an Audible coupon and wish to use it, you must first click on the “Buy for £X.XX” option.
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Is Audible on Amazon?

In addition to being an Amazon subsidiary, Audible is also the company’s sole seller of digital audiobooks. With Audible, you may purchase a digital audiobook and listen to it on a compatible Fire tablet, Kindle e-reader, Kindle reading app, or Audible app, all of which are available for purchase. Alexa devices are the only devices that now support Audible audiobooks.

What audiobooks are available on Amazon Prime?

Audiobooks from the past that are available through Amazon Prime

  • Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte
  • The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran
  • Dracula by Bram Stoker
  • Frankenstein by Mary Shelley
  • Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery
  • The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass by Frederick Douglass
  • Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen
  • Dracula by Mary Shelley
  • Dr

Is Audible and audiobooks the same?

Audiobooks.com Summary. The most significant distinctions between Audible and Audiobooks are that Audible has a superior returns policy and audio quality, more original titles, and a yearly membership discount, whereas Audiobooks does not. Apart from that, the services are equal; the pricing is the same for both, and the applications and audiobook collection are both fantastic.

Is there a free version of Audible?

For most new users, there is a 30-day free trial available: Audible Plus and Audible Premium Plus both provide a 30-day free trial that is available to the majority of new subscribers. If you don’t cancel your trial before it expires, you will be charged a monthly membership price.

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