What To Do With Upholstery Fabric Books?

Upcycling Ideas For Upholstery Fabric Scraps | NGC Nafees Blog

There are a plethora of ways to maximize what you have, one of which is by using scraps from home improvement projects. There are a plethora of things you can make out of these, no matter how big or small the pieces are, and here are some ideas for making them useful at home.

1. Book covers

Fabric can be used to reinforce books with worn-out covers, either by gluing the material to the original cover or by making a removable cover out of fabric scraps. Old books will also look nicer, so they can be used as decorative items on shelves and tables.

2. Lampshades

Simply wrap the fabric around the frame and fold the edges in, then secure with a basic running stitch or fabric glue for extra strength stitchers.

3. Coasters

Fabric scraps can be recycled into attractive coasters for drinking glasses and mugs; simply cut them to size and fold and sew the edges tightly to prevent water rings from moist cups, mugs, and drinking glasses on wood surfaces.

4. Tote bags

There are tote bag patterns available online, but if you don’t want to use one, you can make a basic frame by folding a large piece of fabric in half and sewing the two opposite edges together.

5. Table or mantel runner

To make a table runner, cut a scrap fabric into a rectangular shape and sew the edges together; you can then embellish it with ruffles, laces, beads, or tassels to make it more interesting.

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6. Wall decor

Fabric scraps can be used to create beautiful wall art or wall hangings. After sewing the edges, make a loop on two ends and slip a dowel through the loops. Tie a string on the ends of one dowel and hang the whole thing on the wall.

7. Reusable hot and cold herbal compress pillow

Upholstery fabric scraps are ideal for making small hot and cold compress pillows. Make the pillow like a bag, but sew all the sides tightly to keep the contents (rice grains and dried herbs) from slipping out. Microwave or freeze this herbal compress pillow for pain relief.

8. Jewelry holder

You can also use upholstery fabric to make storage solutions, such as a jewelry holder. Remove the glass or thick plastic component of a picture frame and wrap it in fabric like a gift, securing the edges at the bag with safety pins.

9. Reusable bunting

Cut small scraps of upholstery fabric into whatever shape you want and sew the edges together to make reusable bunting. When you have a party at home, you can just bring out this bunting to make your space instantly festive.

10. Pet bed

You’ll only need batting and a zipper, as well as a zig-zag toilet seat, to make a soft bed for dogs out of upholstery fabric scraps. Fabric is best because it’s more finely woven and durable.

Save those fabulous pieces

If you’ve used high-quality upholstery fabric for furniture makeovers, such as what NGC Nafees has to offer, you should find creative ways to use the scraps, and if you have other home projects that require durable and beautiful residential fabrics, check out our extensive collection on the website.

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What can I do with upholstery swatches?

Upholstery Fabric Scraps Can Be Used in 10 Different Ways

  1. Book covers. Reinforce worn-out book covers with fabric. Lampshades.
  2. Coasters.
  3. Tote bags.
  4. Table or mantel runner.
  5. Wall decor.
  6. Reusable hot and cold herbal compress pillow.
  7. Jewelry holder.

What do you do with fabric swatch books?

You can either punch holes directly into the paper or use clear plastic sleeves to hold the pages and store everything in a binder once the swatches have been attached to a piece of paper. I prefer to use clear plastic sleeves.

How can fabric samples be reused?

Repurpose discontinued fabric samples into fun and creative decorating projects for your home to extend their life and visual appeal.

  1. Craft Projects.
  2. Personal Touches.
  3. Seasonal Decor.
  4. Reuse fabric samples to make one-of-a-kind accent pillows for your home’s seating and bed coverings.

How do you make a upholstery bag out of fabric?

Just in case you come across a good clearance sale in your area, here’s how easy it is to make an upholstery sample tote bag:

  1. Begin by ironing your fabric squares. Then, with the “good sides” facing each other, turn the two squares.

What can I do with tiny fabric scraps?

Fabric Trimmings in 10 Different Ways

  1. Kid Crafts.
  2. Textile Art.
  3. Note Cards.
  4. Gift Wrap.
  5. In The Garden.
  6. Organize Sewing Needles.
  7. Clean Your Machine.
  8. In The Garden.

What can I do with heavy fabric?

100 Ingenious Ideas for Repurposing Fabric Scraps

  1. Phone Case.
  2. Monogram Pouch.
  3. Fabric Flower Accent Pillow.
  4. Kitchen Decorating DIY u2013 Make Your Own Dishtowel Belts.
  5. Marble Necklace.
  6. Cute and Easy DIY Double Layer Square Circle Skirt.
  7. Chapstick Holder.
  8. Cuddle Pillow.
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What can I do with no sew fabric scraps?

Scrap Fabric Projects: 20 No-Sew Ideas

  1. No-Sew Girls Fabric Hair Bows.
  2. No-Sew DIY Wallet.
  3. Handmade Bookmarks with Vintage Linens.
  4. Fall Fabric Wreath.
  5. Pom Pom Pens.
  6. Rainbow Knot Fleece Scarf.

How do you make a fabric swatch book?

Making a Fabric Swatch Book at Home

  1. Cut one 3u2032u2032x3u2032u2032 square from your fabric if your swatches haven’t been cut yet.
  2. Print out the Fabric Swatch Book Template.
  3. Label and organize your swatches.
  4. Mount your swatches.
  5. Write down the fabric details.

How do you remove fabric backing?

With a hot (old) iron, removing the paper backing is simple. Set the iron to very hot and iron on the paper backing. After one or two seconds, peel off the paper.

How do you remove glued paper from fabric?

Some glues, such as super glues or epoxies, require more time to soak, and acetone may dry out too quickly in these cases; in these cases, a dedicated glue remover is best. To remove sticker residue from fabric, use warm white vinegar and rinse thoroughly, or rubbing alcohol.

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