What Reading Level Are The Rainbow Fairy Books? (Solution found)

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Age Range 7 – 8 years
Grade Level 2nd – 3rd
ISBN 9780545222914
Lexile 540L
Themes fantasy


What age is Rainbow Fairies for?

Rainbow Magic is the world’s best-selling series for children aged 5 and above, with more than 40 million copies having been sold globally.

Do you have to read Rainbow fairy books in order?

It is not necessary to read the novels in chronological sequence. Each volume in each series has a summary of the events of the novels that came before it, ensuring that the reader is constantly aware of where she is in the action, what Kirsty and Rachel are seeking for, and why they are doing so. However, the narrative isn’t finished after just one book has been published.

Do they still make Rainbow fairy books?

We’ve selected some recommendations, and you’ve contributed your own thoughts. Daisy Meadows has written 228 Rainbow Magic: The Fairytale Fairies novels, which are now available for purchase. Therefore, it is possible that you will never truly run out of fresh books to read!

How many Rainbow Magic series are there?

Daisy Meadows’ Rainbow Magic: The Magical Adventure Collection, a 21-book set that includes three series, is available now (Weather Fairies, Jewel Fairies Sporty Fairies)

How old is Kirsty and Rachel Rainbow Magic?

Later in the series, the girls are seen to be Brownies (ages 7-10 in the United Kingdom), as Wixelt noted in the comments. Wow, and the girls were allowed to go around an island on their own when they were just eight years old.

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What age are fairy books for?

The Rainbow Magic, Wonderful Party Collection series, which is aimed at readers aged 7-9, is a must-have for any youngster who enjoys magical experiences and a mature sense of escapism.

What is Daisy Meadows real name?

Authors Narinder Dhami, Sue Bentley, Linda Chapman, and Sue Mongredien collaborated on the Rainbow Magic children’s book series under the pen name Daisy Meadows, which they used as a pseudonym.

How many Magic Fairy books are there?

Title fairies from the Rainbow Magic series are included in this list, which includes both previously released and unreleased titles. There are presently 278* fairies that have been published, with 6 more to come.

What is the reading level of Geronimo Stilton?

Geronimo Stilton is available in grades 2-4.

Is there a Rainbow Magic fairy named Avery?

Avery the Jokester Fairy (, Eiburi Jodan Sukinahito no Yosei) is the first fairy of the Tomboy Fairies, and she is also the most humorous.

Who was the first Rainbow Magic Fairy?

Ruby the Red Fairy is the first book in the Rainbow Magic series, and it is also the first book in the Ruby the Red Fairy series. Rachel and Kirsty meet on a boat voyage to Rainspell Island, where they discover Ruby, who is hidden in a pot at the end of a rainbow.

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